Birthday Horoscope
Happy Birthday, Scorpio! Are you ready for what is in store for your life this year? Progress and advancement are themes for you in both love and work. Read on to find out what awaits you this wonderful birthday year!
This is a year where you are especially moody when it comes to relationships. The people around you may be confused and wondering what your deal is because you are not acting like your normal self. There is a quietness to your aura, which is making people find you even more mysterious than usual. Family and friends may be thinking that there is something seriously wrong in your life. You may be the center of gossip as well as minds speculate as to what could be causing your attitude changes. If you do not want people to assume the worst, you will have to work on your communication skills and not be afraid to open up. Sometimes you just get irritated or cranky for no real reason at all. Your social circle will be trying to find an excuse that may not exist. The year is not all bad though, for there is actually a lot of advances to be made when it comes to your love life!

Single Scorpios should not expect to be solitary for too much longer this birthday year. That special someone is lurking around the corner that has their eye on you. You may already know who it is, but your mission here is to give this person a chance to win you over. If you remain aloof and closed-off you could be missing out on the relationship of a lifetime. Big changes are in order for those who can let their guard down and date someone who maybe is not 100% your type at first. You are in for a pleasant surprise as April through June of 2018 is a period where entering a committed relationship is likely to occur. Before April, you are the lone wolf in your social circle. Dating is boring, and you are preferring not to be tied down to one individual in particular. Your attitude will be changing fast when you meet that lucky man or woman!

Attached Scorpios are in for some progress this birthday year, as well. Have you been considering popping the question or taking it to the next level with your partner? Mid-2018 is perfect for a proposal or wedding ceremony. Work on communication with your partner if you are feeling ready to leap forward with the love of your life. You are especially generous with your loved one, and may be finding yourself buying them little presents for no particular reason at all. Romance is taking a center stage as you are wooing your loved one with gifts that are tailored just for them to make them feel extra special. You are also broadcasting your love to the world through social media. You are not shy of your feelings, and are proud to be with someone who makes you happy to be alive.

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You may be biting off more than you can chew when it comes to all that is going on at work. You are having trouble saying no to an overbearing boss who seems to not respect your need for a personal life and sleep. Fortunately for you, luck is on your side and you will be finding that you are getting more accomplished than you thought was possible. You will make your way through those intimidating and daunting piles of work that stress you out so much. Even though you are feeling overwhelmed, especially in early 2018, you will find that hard work pays off in dividends.

As long as you don't throw in the towel in a fit of rage, you will be gaining respect and admiration from key players at work. You are being monitored, and it is noted that you are someone who has a reputation for getting the job done. All of your efforts are putting you in the spotlight for someone who deserves a promotion or raise. You will be tempted to throw your resume out there and explore other options. If you are able to persevere through the monotony, rewards will follow. This is not a year to make a major career change or transition. Instead, focus on what is in front of you and the opportunities that already exist. Scorpios who work in the medical field, construction, and finance will be benefiting the most at work this birthday year.

When it comes to money, you probably will not be doing a whole lot of saving over the next year. Unexpected purchases will have to be made. Whether it is car or home repairs, you may be facing a big bill before the end of 2017. In 2018, you are feeling spendthrift as you are drawn towards luxury purchases that are more of "wants" than actual "needs". Double-check to see if you really need your 12th designer jacket or pair of high-end sneakers. After all of the expenses in 2017, you are going to want to be more cautious with your casual spending, just in case something else breaks on you unexpectedly. You don't want to lose your cool, and make others wonder what is going on with your checkbook.

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November 2017: This is a good month for a little rest and relaxation. You have a busy year up ahead so treat yourself to a day at the spa or even just sleeping in for a change. Detox from any unhealthy habits, and enjoy the energy boost that follows. Key Date: November 7th is a perfect day for unwinding. Keep your calendar clear and enjoy some "me" time.

December 2017: You are not in the best mood this holiday season. You may find yourself a little bored with mainstream traditions. Find something unique to do, and be sure to not spoil the holidays for anyone else! Key Date: December 31st has you feeling ready to celebrate the upcoming new year. Go out tonight with friends and make the most of your last day in 2017!

January 2018: You are re-evaluating your relationship status this month. Singles are opening up their eyes to a potential new partner. Attached Scorpios are ready to discuss commitment plans to take some next steps later this year. Key Date: Use the fresh start of 2018 around January 1st to have an important talk with your significant other. Make sure you are on track with where you are headed in life so that you two are united this year.

February 2018: Everyone at work is driving you crazy this month. Even your closest co-workers are walking a fine line with you. Keep your temper under control to avoid any outbursts you will definitely regret later on. Key Date: The weekend of February 16th is a good for a short getaway. Gather up your closest friends and hit the road. You are ready to do something to take work off of your mind for a couple of days.

March 2018: This is one of your luckiest months of the year. You have the golden touch at work. Take control over a project that others are feeling iffy about. You will knock this one out of the park. Key Date: March 7th is a great day to touch base with your boss. Evaluate your job performance and talk with your boss about any ideas you have that could benefit your place of employment. Your boss will be impressed with your initiative.

April 2018: Family is stressing you out this month. Extended family members may be asking too much from you. Politely explain that your plate is full as can be. Someone may get disappointed, but they will get over it quickly. Key Date: April 10th is looking ideal for a special date night. Go someplace new that has good reviews. It may turn out to be your new favorite place.

May 2018: Beware of anything you do at work this month. The good luck that you were enjoying has temporarily left you by the wayside. Double-check all of your affairs. Proofread your emails before you send them. You may make a social faux pas this month. Don't sweat about it because next month will be better. Key Date: The week of May 20th is a great time to take an extended trip. The further the way from home the better. Traveling will lift your spirits tremendously and put you in a wonderful mood.

June 2018: This is a great month for a proposal or marriage ceremony. Next steps in a relationship will be coming your way. Take a deep breath, if you are not quite ready for this. This is also a good time to consider relocating or moving to a new home. Key Date: June 21st is the change of the season. You are in a good mood. Go out on the town, and find yourself a mini-adventure.

July 2018: Your love life hits a speed bump this month. Just when you think everything is going smoothly, your significant other seems ready to pick a fight with you. Bite your tongue-- you will thank yourself when he or she is in a better mood soon. Key Date: Plan a day to yourself on July 8th. Tension is around you that could lead to an argument with a loved one. Being proactive can help you avoid stormy moods.

August 2018: Your health is feeling a little worse for the wear this month. Stress is manifesting inside of you and taking its toll. To avoid feeling the physical effects, keep up with preventative health care (good nutrition, getting enough sleep, etc.). Help is out there if you feel you cannot handle the stress on your own. Key Date: August 11th's solar eclipse has feeling rambunctious. It is a good day to plan for a party with friends or to do something out of your comfort zone.

September 2018: There is a clash going on with a rival at work this month. It could even be a subordinate who is secretly jealous of you. Be aware of any sneaky behavior going on in the workplace. You could take the blame if you don't watch your back. Key Date: The week of September 1st is a good week to start a new health routine. Are there diet or exercise goals that you have in mind? You are feeling especially motivated this week.

October 2018: Finances are center stage this month. Double-check your banking and credit card statements this month. There could be something suspicious going on. Even if it is something small, it is better to catch it in the bud before the problem escalates. Key Date: October 18th is ideal for spending with family. Plan a special outing or dinner together (or both). Invited a lonely extended family member to come along if you want to make their day a memorable one.

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