Birthday Horoscope
Happy Birthday, Scorpio! Your love life will be taking some dynamic twists and turns this birthday year. Your career path should be quite progressive, as well. How are your finances turning out? Read on to find out what awaits you this dramatic birthday year!
There is reason to be excited this birthday year! Overall, it is meant to be a progressive year for love. A lonely dark phase that you have been in for many months should be ending soon. You are ready to put yourself out there, and experience all that life has to offer. Come out of your cave and socialize with the world! As your birthday year gets going, you are likely to have strengthened bonds with your love interest, family, and friends. You may have lost touch with some people who have played important roles in your life. You may be motivated to seek them out on social media and re-connect. Nostalgia and memories are on your mind throughout the second quarter of 2019.

Single Scorpios are ready to mingle and put themselves out there. You have to be careful though, as a heartbreak is possible as 2018 comes to a close. Protect your heart and be realistic about your love life expectations. 2019 will be a more positive year that allows you to settle down with someone who you have a deep connection with. If there is no risk, there is no reward, so make sure you are not closed off to the dating opportunities that come along your way. After March 2019, some doors are opening for true love. You are done with playing hard to get, as you look to bond with someone who really "gets" you.

Attached Scorpios will risk their partner betraying their trust soon. It is likely that you will uncover a little dirt on your sweetheart if you dig deep enough. Unfortunately, the rumors may prove to be true. Can you forgive them? You may be facing a difficult decision at the end of 2018. You may hold onto a grudge that lasts for life, but it could be worth offering your significant other a second chance. If you can survive this major hump, the rest of 2019 will be a piece of cake. Expect to be showered with attention and affection as your partner has a lot of making up to do! Your schedule is cleared for an engagement or wedding this coming year!

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This birthday year, you are on a hot streak when it comes to your career path. You are at the top of your game! Your peak performance is continuing to impress the people who matter. You may not be promoted to CEO just yet, but you are laying down a solid foundation for the years to come. In the first quarter of 2019, you may face a lesson in humility. Make sure that you are not being overly confident or cocky. You don't want to be the person that makes others want to spit in your coffee when you aren't looking! If you can stay cool, calm, and collected you are likely to gain some new friends at work who have your back.

Around mid-2019, your challenge will be trying to juggle all of the tasks that are on your plate. You still have projects and commitments from last year that are haunting you. Prioritize your responsibilities. You may have to cut an item or two out of your busy schedule if you want to have time to sleep at night. If it gets to be too much, assess your career path before your next birthday. You can certainly change fields if you think it will lead to more job satisfaction. Those who are employed in education, skilled labor, and counseling industries will benefit the most in their careers this birthday year.

Financially, you may be suffering from some of the consequences of last year's spending habits. It is time to evaluate your budgeting habits. The debt may be accumulating faster than you can keep up with it, thanks to interest. Use this time to take care of debts, and lay low when it comes to shopping for items that you don't really need. If you find yourself in too big of a hole, you may want to talk to a trusted family member. Even if they do not bail you out of trouble all the way, their golden advice and experience can push you in the right direction. This year, focus on chipping away at your debt and adding to your savings, if possible.

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November 2018: Your financial situation may have you feeling a little depressed. You will be thinking of ways to entertain yourself without having to break the bank. Research low-budget ideas for spending quality time with your family and loved ones. You may be surprised at what all there is to do for free in your community. Key Date: November 9th is a great day to sit down and look at your budget. Figure out some ways to cut corners. You are determined to stay on top of it this coming year!

December 2018: You will be a little more thrifty with your gifts this holiday season. You may want to clue family members in on your spending limits in advance. You don't want any children disappointed because they are used to your more extravagant gifts. Don't fret too much--aim to be happy and have a stress-free holiday season. Key Date: On December 1st you are in a wonderful mood and everyone knows it. The holiday bug has bit you, and you are flushed with excitement!

January 2019: You are in store for some good news this month, and it is likely to be work-related. The surprise will catch you off-guard. Whether someone surprises you with a gift or you get some positive feedback that makes your day, it is sure to give you something to smile about. Key Date: You are going to be most productive with your work energy on dates around January 21st. Put your energy to good use while you are feeling highly motivated.

February 2019: Your love life is blossoming this month. There is something magical in the air that is making you and your love interest feel super romantic towards one another. You will be doing sweet gestures for each other all month long. No matter how long you have been dating, there is extra passion between the two of you. Key Date: On February 14th, you will be making the most of the hot romantic climate. You may not even get a chance to leave the house, as your sweetheart will be wanting to spend so much time with you, one-on-one.

March 2019: Stress is rearing its ugly head for you this month. Between work and home, it seems that Murphy's Law is in full effect. Take preventive measures to stay healthy. Good nutrition, exercise, and stress management practices will help you get through this difficult time. Key Date: Stress will smack you the hardest on March 10th. Try to find a way to relax and unwind. Whether you prefer a spa day or watching movies in bed, do whatever it takes to relieve the stress!

April 2019: Trouble may be brewing with a "frenemy" this month. In the background, this individual may be spreading rumors and cruelly gossiping about you. Take the higher path, and confront him or her in a constructive manner. Jealousy may be their underlying motivation. Key Date: You are most likely to clash with a friend around April 17th. Try not to say anything that you will regret in the long-run. There is hope for you two to resolve the problem.

May 2019: Your bags are packed and you are ready to go on a vacation! Plan to go traveling this month. Your mind, body, and soul could use a change of scenery. For great memories, bring as many family members as you can. Key Date: Travel is likely to go the most smoothly around May 9th. Aim to fly, sail, or drive to your final destination around this date for both safe and fun travels.

June 2019: You are receiving accolades at work this month. There may even be important talks in the background about your career future. You are being monitored by the higher-ups right now, so behave accordingly. Key Date: June 21st is the change of the season. This will be an emotional day for you. You may find yourself ready to cry no real reason. Others will see how sensitive and deep you truly are.

July 2019: A friend or close family member will be counting on you for help this month. Do the favor with a good heart and positive attitude. It may be a pain to do this extra work at the time, but your connection and bond will strengthen with this individual. You know you can count on them to help you in the future. They owe you one. Key Date: July 24th is a day where you may be getting bombarded with messages. A lot of people will want to talk to you, and possibly need something from you. You are in store for a long day.

August 2019: You and your friends are up for some adventures this month. You may be going to a lot of parties or social events. Love temptations will come up out of the blue. Think carefully whether you want to get involved or not. Is it worth the risk? Key Date: August 10th is when love temptations are making you the most weak. If you have a partner that you love, it may not be worth getting involved in an affair. If you are single, you still may not find this temptation to be appeasing for something more long-term.

September 2019: Someone in your family, a parent or a child, is getting on your nerves. You will have to deal with a judgmental personality type. If you keep your cool, you can help to avoid the conflict escalating into a full-on family blow-out. Rise above the negativity. Key Date: Tension with family is most likely to happen around September 2nd. You may want to turn your phone off today and "unplug" to help dodge bullets aimed your way.

October 2019: This is a very harmonious and peaceful month for you. You can take a deep breath and relax for a change. Work, home, and family life are enjoyable right now. It is a great time to enjoy all that life has to offer you! Key Date: October 30th is a very laid-back day for you. You may not be motivated to get things done, so plan accordingly. Procrastinators will be dragging their feet extra hard today.

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