Birthday Horoscope
Happy Birthday, Scorpio! Your love life may be in store for some surprises ahead. In addition, your career path looks to be on the upswing in the year ahead. Read on to find out what awaits you this exciting birthday year!
You might want to prepare for some "me time" ahead! The positive to neutral vibes that you have been enjoying in your social circle are winding down as 2021 comes to a close. As 2022 begins with a Venus Retrograde in January, you are pulled away from others and may be feeling more emotionally detached from love interests. Family and friends may notice that you are more mysterious than usual, and even more introspective. Romantic partners will be needing to impress you more than before if they want to stick around in your life. You are needing someone who is the WHOLE package to keep you entertained this birthday year. As you get past the effects of the lunar eclipse in Scorpio on May 2022, you will become more open-hearted with your relationships. Emotional vulnerability will be lower than normal this birthday year, but it doesn't mean that love life growth is impossible (just a little more challenging).

For Single Scorpios, you are attracting all sorts of attention, whether you want it or not! It is like love interests somehow sense when they are not wanted, and come flocking in when you are least emotionally prepared. It is a great birthday year for flings and short-term romantic escapades that do not involve your heart being broken. While you do have intimate needs to address, you can do so while keeping your heart at a safe distance. If you do not want to get the reputation of being a heartbreaker, make sure you are careful with how you treat other's feelings during the 2nd quarter of 2022. Thanks to the lunar eclipse in your sign, you are going to be emotionally scattered in mid-May, and may not be able to see things from another's point of view so clearly. As you get to your next birthday later in 2022, you should be prepared for an influx of attention (when you are more emotionally open).

For Attached Scorpios, you may find that it is a bit of a rocky road to navigate with your partner this birthday year. For starters, you just are not feeling that you and your love interest are on the same page with life goals in early 2022. This could lead to some tremendous love life changes during a time where you are wanting to be alone more often anyway. Before you make life-altering decisions, you may want to see how you are feeling come June 2022. Your feelings may change, and flip to where you and your partner can't get enough of each other during the mid-year months. Trust your instincts as you get past the mid-year point, because if you are picking up on something negative about your partner, it is worth looking into. There could be trust issues to face, and some of you may even experience betrayal. It is definitely a birthday year to reflect on whether you are with "The One" or not. If not, it is an opportune time before your next birthday to consider other paths in your love life.

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Fortunately, you are doing quite well with your career and finances overall this birthday year. For those who are wanting a change of pace, there are different routes you can take. For those who are happy with where they are at, it should not be a year of negative surprises in store. Basically, if you are wanting big changes, most of you should be able to seek them out on your own terms. For the ambitious Scorpios, some will have a hard time narrowing down their options on what to do for their career path. For all Scorpios, it is a great year to gain experience, learn, and work on self-improvements. April 2022's solar eclipse in Taurus can bring some additional insight on what direction you should ultimately be taking. This can also positively impact your financial path, as well.

Financially, you may be tempted to be a bit of a carefree spender as your birthday year gets going. At the end of 2021, you may want to consider working on financial planning for the year ahead. You may need to confer with an expert or mentor on how best to navigate your finances. In addition, you have opportunity for more money to be coming your way in 2022. For those who have more time for their careers and side hustles, you will see more money coming your way as early as January 2022. Your luck with financial matters is boosted throughout this birthday year, but make sure you are not getting ahead of yourself with your spending. Also, thanks to Mars alignments in 2022, you have an extra edge when it comes to your determination to get projects done. A great perk for you to make the most of, Scorpio!

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November 2021: A part of you may not be feeling overly excited for the upcoming holiday season. You will want to double-check your calendar as you may be feeling more spacy than usual this month. Are you not wanting to attend some of these events, deep down? Brace yourself now for dealing with some days where it feels like you have the holiday blues. Key Date: Around November 30th, you are having anxiety levels higher than your typical baseline. It is a great time to let others take charge, and to enjoy the backseat for a bit.

December 2021: As the year comes to a close, you may notice that your career-related burdens are increasing. It may seem like you are the only one who is doing their job sometimes. Work-related stress will not be at a high point forever, so do what you can to manage for right now. Key Date: Around December 16th is when work-related challenges hit you the hardest. Do what you can to nip it in the bud by trying to stay caught up at your job.

January 2022: As the year gets going, you find yourself becoming more withdrawn from those in your social circle. You are ready for some "me time!". This is a period where your patience for tolerating others is lower than normal. Enjoy some quality time with yourself, and your energy will get back to normal soon. Key Date: The day you are feeling least social will be around January 7th. This is a great time to have a day off from your usual responsibilities. Get some extra sleep if you can!

February 2022: Instead of being love-focused on romance, you are more family-focused this month. There may be an older member of the family who could use your assistance. Even if it is just listening, there are ways you can personally help the lives of loved ones. It is a good month to get more active with your family. Key Date: Check what you are in the mood for on February 14th. Instead of fighting for restaurant reservations this Valentine's Day, you are more happy to spend some quality time at home. It may be a better year to skip the lovey-dovey stuff if you just aren't feeling it!

March 2022: Are you ready to go on a vacation? You may be wanting to use up your vacation days this month (and the year is not even half-way over). If you can travel somewhere far away and exotic, you may return feeling like a new person. Give your brain a rest at some point this month! Key Date: Travels around March 5th, are best for you and any of your travel companions. You may even want to travel alone, for those who are feeling brave. It is okay to travel by yourself, as long as you can have some fun!

April 2022: Someone from your past may make a return this month. Unfortunately, it is likely to be someone you do not want to hear from. Whether it is an ex-partner or an ex-friend, you would rather just X them off your list altogether. If you are not feeling it, do not feel the need to be polite. There is unlikely any good that can come from the return of this person. Key Date: Around April 24th is your most difficult time for the month. If you are wanting to avoid drama, you may not have a choice on a day like today! If someone can irritate you, they will today, and it probably won't take much for them to get under your skin.

May 2022: Luck is going much better for you this month. In fact, you may have strangers being nice to you for no obvious reason. Whether you enjoy the extra attention or not, it is bound to be a more peaceful month, as a whole. This may be your luckiest month of the year, by the way. Key Date: Around May 10th is your luckiest point of the month. If you are someone who plays the lottery, this is a good day to buy a ticket.

June 2022: The romantic love and relationships in your life are at a more positive point. You are wanting to be closer to your love interest than usual. Also, your personal magnetism is increased, which can improve your chemistry with others. This is a great month to work on a serious relationship. Next steps, such as engagement, are even more ideal! Key Date: Around June 28th is when your love life reaches an exciting peak for the month. This is a wonderful day to plan a serious date or to have relationship next steps begin.

July 2022: Your personal life may slow down this month and lead you to feeling a little bored. It is a great time to focus on your social circle and making new friends. You will gel the best with fellow Water Signs right now. If you can find a fellow Scorpio to click with, you will find that you never get bored! Key Date: Around July 6th is a perfect window to spend with friends and loved ones. You are feeling spontaneous and have some energy to burn. You are open to some adventures right now, and so are your friends!

August 2022: You may be having too much of a good thing this month. Your love life may be attracting a little too much attention, especially if you are already in a relationship. Temptation may come your way, and lead you astray from your normal path and routines. Your heart and instincts will pull you one direction, but will your mind agree? Key Date: Around August 20th, you will be experiencing a romantic boost from a newer love interest. You may enjoy the attention and excitement, but you will have to think about what to do for the long-term love path that you are on. Decisions, decisions!

September 2022: Your ability to get work accomplished is at a high point right now. Your boss and co-workers are noticing your output. This is a great month to aim for the stars. You may be past due for some recognition and reward. Key Date: Around September 15th is when your ability to express and communicate is at a peak point. This is a perfect time to plan an important meeting or project that requires you to have strong communication skills!

October 2022: Do you have a "frenemy"? If not, you may be making one here soon. You are at risk to clash with your friends over miscommunication or misunderstandings. Gossip, rumors, and drama may be running rampant around you. This will pass, so do your best to keep your shoes clean as you navigate the messes others are leaving behind. Key Date: The worst day for communication matters is around October 1st. This is a day to double-check your texts and emails before you send them! You do not want to accidently give someone ammo to use against you.

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