Birthday Horoscope
Happy Birthday, Scorpio! Your yearly forecast for 2022 and 2023 is in! This year you’ll enrich your existing relationships, as well as create new, exciting and strong bonds with people who are about to enter your life. The planetary transitions will definitely keep you on your toes this year. Let’s jump into what awaits this wondrous birthday year!
Love is one of the most important areas of your life. You protect your heart and you don't show your soft and mushy side to just anyone. They need to be deserving of your trust in order for you to show them your vulnerable side. Single Scorpio signs that are lusting for love will have lots to look forward to in the spring of 2023. As the Spring Equinox hits, you'll feel like you're living in a Kylie Minogue Music video. Thanks to the New Moon in Aries in April, you will have a new, very attractive energy. You will be able to lure people in by simply existing. However, if you carry some hurt from the past, it would be best if you truly and fully processed this before entering something new. Pluto will have a strong pull on you, directing you to your vices and to self-sabotage.

Healing practices will help you cross the bridge of acceptance and letting go. Perhaps ask a fellow water sign for emotional support during this time. Even if it's just to vent to them. Your personal relationships are going to be of extreme importance during the months of Spring and during the Summer. Even though Spring looks great for both taken and single Scorpios, the beginning of the year will be slightly rough. Uranus and Venus will be in retrograde and not long after, Mercury will be joining them. It's been some time since there were three powerful retrogrades at play. Miscommunications resulting in petty fights are, sadly, very possible. If you have a bit of a temper, this could turn explosive and even break apart a few relationships.

Remain kind, patient, and understanding in January and February. If things get heated, remind yourself that tension is just high and that you probably need to let go of some built-up stress. Take a walk. Then talk openly and honestly, keeping in mind the feelings of your loved one but also yourself. After spring settles down, things in your life are going to start settling down as well. Transformation is going to be a big theme for your love life in 2023. After the Eclipse in May, you will let go of toxicity, unhealthy partners, and focus more on self-love. The ending of the year might bring some turbulence for taken signs, but after that, it should be smooth sailing for the rest of 2023.

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Scorpios naturally have a good feeling for business and money. They tend to thrive in their career, and they tend to quickly move up. This is why we rarely even see or hear of a Scorpio without any money. There is an instinctive passion that lives inside of this mysterious water sign, and this year, that passion is going to get fierier! However, at the beginning of the year, you may not feel this energy right away. But believe me, it’s coming. Use the time from January until April to prepare for what is about to come. Perfect your time management, improve your knowledge and your skills, do something that you have never done before for your career… Take a few risks before April and it will pay off in the second half of the year. Some risks will start paying off even earlier as your newly formed connections and interests will help you grow your stream of income. Jupiter will conjunct Neptune until April 2023, leaving you with a whole series of new, interesting, and monetizable ideas. You might have the potential to form a business partnership in the summer of 2023. This could bring in some big bucks for both of you. Speaking of big bucks, a bigger paycheck or higher position will come in the next few months, during the time when Saturn is in direct. However, if you are not careful with your physical and mental health, you might have some problems caused by stress and working too much by the time that winter comes. Your investments will start paying off during November and December, and planetary transitions are also favorable for buying some real estate as a form of investment.

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October 2022: In October, you may get the green light that you have been waiting for. This might be in regards to a project, or it might be tied to something on a personal and intimate level. All in all, October will be fruitful and it will be the carrier of good news. Key date: 23rd of October - Saturn, the planet that governs our inner restrictions, will station back into direct orbit. You will feel this both in your mind and your body, as your shoulders and jaw start to slowly unclench. Take a 30 minute yoga break on this day.

November 2022: You may come across a very interesting person who might even feel like they are your cosmic lover. This person will have walked into your life with a certain purpose. It’s up to you to figure out what it is. PS. Put a little extra money in your savings account this month. Key date: 8th of November - A powerful Full Moon Lunar Eclipse will occur on this day, so be careful and more sparing with your physical and mental energy. Full Moon Eclipses can be extremely draining for Scorpio signs, all while mending wounds from the past. Ask yourself what you want to let go of.

December 2022: Things will finally truly start slowing down in December. Your career is stable, your family is happy, and you are slowly but surely healing and blooming all at the same time. You will be reminded of the power of unconditional love during this month. Key date: 23rd of December - When this date comes, you will see how significant the progress you made was. Even if you didn’t manage to do everything you sought out to do, you still managed to do so much. That’s something that you should be deeply proud of.

January 2023: Sometimes, you can be too intense and passionate, forgetting that freedom is essential to sustain a relationship. Key date: the 2nd of January - With Venus entering Aquarius, you will learn to connect with more flexibility and independence.

February 2023: Acknowledge your past efforts and let your identity shine brightly as you achieve your goals. Key date: the 5th of February- You are meant to hug the limelight and embrace your unique talents with the Full Moon in Leo.

March 2023: Come out of your power struggles and learn to distribute it equally among everyone. Key date: the 23rd of March- Pluto, your ruling planet, enters Aquarius, an important planetary transit that will focus your energy on humanitarian concerns and group activities.

April 2023: Your communication will turn inwards to reflect deeply on the messages you are trying to convey. Key date: the 21st of April - Mercury turns retrograde on this date, so try to review the information you want to share over the next few weeks to avoid misunderstandings.

May 2023: This astrological event brings death and transformation to your psyche, a wonderful time to heal ancient wounds repressed in your subconscious. Key date: the 1st of May - Pluto, the God of the Underworld and your ruling planet, goes retrograde on this day. This mighty planet has the ability to destroy old structures, and when it goes retrograde, the same thing happens within you.

June 2023: You can craft brilliant ideas and bring them to fruition with dedication. Key date: the 19th of June - Jupiter, the planet of expansion and fortune, is making a sextile to ambitious Saturn today, encouraging you to work towards your dreams, no matter how far-fetched they seem.

July 2023: Your professional life is not the only focus in your life. Key date: the 17th of July - There are times when you must connect with your loved ones and emotional needs, and the New Moon in Cancer will give you a safe space to do so.

August 2023: Not all battles are meant to defend your personal power. Key date: the 27th of August - The entrance of Mars into Libra reminds you that harmony and balance in your relationships are necessary for you to assert your independence.

September 2023: All misunderstandings and confusions will be sorted out to help you take control of your circumstances. Key date: the 15th of September - Mercury wakes up from its slumber, bringing clarity to your communications and thoughts.

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