Birthday Horoscope
Happy Birthday, Taurus! You are in store for many surprises this year that extend well past your birthday. It is a mysterious year that is centered on your friends and career path. Read on to find out what is coming your way this exciting birthday year!
Neptune's influence on you this birthday year is truly adding mystery to your life. Expect that your friends and romantic interests are surprising you with all sorts of interesting secrets. It will be up to you to be the trustworthy "vault" in order to prevent everyone's private affairs from becoming breaking news within your social circle. Friends will be expecting you to be their rock. Even your partner may be dealing with some stability issues, and it will be up to you to keep the relationship grounded. You may wish you were kept oblivious to something that you learn about your love interest. It is a year for skeletons to come out of the closet, so make sure that your own closet is swept clean of any dirt.

For singles, you are on a more solitary journey right now. You are not needing a relationship to cling to in order to be happy. Searching for an exclusive relationship is not on the agenda. Instead, your social life is incredibly important. You are finding yourself maintaining friendships from all walks of life. When friends are depressed, you are good at staying positive and lightening the mood. People are just naturally drawn to you, so enjoy the extra attention. In addition, it is also a year of self-discovery and self-focus. Higher education, health, fitness, and new hobbies are taking up a majority of your free time. Your love life may get confusing later on in 2017, when you find that you are becoming sexually attracted to someone who is better off staying just a friend. This phase will probably fizzle out quickly, so bear with your erratic hormones in late-2017. Everything is back to normal with your friend zone in 2018.

For couples, you may be getting bored of one another over time. This is incredibly dangerous if you want the relationship to last. When you are bored, you will seek out excitement elsewhere. You are tired of being stuck in a rut this year. With all of the extra attention you will be getting from new and old friends, you may develop a crush on someone who is filling a void in your love life. The person you develop a crush on is not your typical type, so you may be surprising yourself this year by feelings that come from nowhere. Respect relationship boundaries if you value your partner. Physical intimacy needs are where the relationship is hurting the most. This can be fixed, and the relationship is salvageable. Do not be afraid to seek out couple's counseling. The good news is that relationship issues are temporary. Ride this year out, and with a little extra care and attention, your relationship may become stronger than ever by your next birthday.

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You may be a little down-in-the-dumps about your financial situation around the time of your birthday. It is not a thrilling way to start out the birthday year, but it does get better. If you have any outstanding debts or loans, do your best to pay them off this year. As friends are especially central to your life now, try not to loan or borrow any money this year as it will only lead to problems. You may have to say no, but your friends love you and will understand in the end.

Fortunately, money will be coming in, slowly but surely, due to your work ethic. Your career life is becoming more positive over time due to your past choices. You can safely whistle while you work without fear of any doom coming down on you in terms of a firing or layoff. Your career path is looking secure, and you can pat yourself on the back for creating the positive work environment in which you are living right now. This is a year of reaping what you have sown in years past. Even though things are going smoothly, you still have potential that can be further explored. You may take night courses to slowly work on an another degree, or put in extra hours on a side project at work to add to your credentials. The stars are lining up to make you more ambitious, and less content to sit on the sidelines.

Jupiter's influence on your 6th house (responsibilities) is giving you the courage to not deal with needless crap from co-workers. You are independent, and are not feeling like being stuck with anyone else's "dirty work." As long as you are tactful, but firm, you will gain respect from others. Superiors may even be taking notes from your diplomatic way of handling any work-related drama. Overall, your money and career path are upward bound. Slow and steady wins the race, so take time to unwind along the way. Finally, it is a year to save, not to spend. You are notably thrifty, but just keep your long-term financial goals in mind when you feel an impulsive spending itch.

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May 2017: Fitness and health are a key focus this month. Your physical energy is high, so this is a good time to work outdoors and enjoy the sunshine. Home maintenance issues could arise, so prepare yourself for some possible frustration. Check your house carefully for any unwanted guests (i.e., mice, insects). Key Date: May 7th is your peak day for energy for the month. You are ready to get errands done and tasks checked off of your "to-do" list.

June 2017: Complications are arising at home, as a family member feels "misunderstood". Give your loved one special attention and work on open communication. You do not want any resentment to build, whether it is with your child or partner. Key Date: June 21 is the change of the season. You are feeling at peace with life. Any ongoing chaos is put on hold for a moment while you stop to smell the roses.

July 2017: Your job has you running in circles this month. You may feel like telling off a co-worker. Keep yourself in check for the greater good of everyone. Avoid any office politics, and keep to yourself. If you keep calm, you will avoid any trouble with the boss. Key Date: July 19th is a very stressful day. Try to plan for a simple day at work and at home. The less you have to do this day, the better off you will be.

August 2017: Emotional extremes are going on with your love life. One day you want to get married (or renew vows) to your current partner; the next day you are looking up former lovers on social media. Do not make any big relationship decisions this month. Your moodiness will be confusing those around you. Key Date: August 21st's solar eclipse will have you feeling needier than usual. You are craving attention from friends and family. Try not to be too clingy.

September 2017: A friend is going to surprise you with a dirty little secret. You will be tempted to tell the world, as it is juicy. However, the right path is the one you will least want to take. Keep the information to yourself and you will gain the loyalty of a friend for life. Key Date: The weekend of September 1-3rd is where you go through a phase of feeling impulsive. Don't run out and dye your hair blue or get a tattoo. If you still feel this way in a few weeks, then consider following through on your original plan. Don't be surprised if you feel like you dodged a bullet.

October 2017: A financial dilemma lies before you. Your family is wanting you to spend, but you are instinctively feeling like you should be saving. Go with your gut. There is nothing that the family truly "needs" right now. Saving is important this year, so stay focused on your goals. Key Date: The weekend of October 20th is ideal for spending time with extended family members. An older relative is missing you, and may even need your help. Check in on them.

November 2017: You are feeling drained, and are already dreading the holiday season. Part of this has to do with not being in the gift-giving spirit. Use your thriftiness to come up with a gift-giving budget plan. Research gift ideas that won't break the bank. Your career outlook still looks good, so it is okay to spend a little on the people you love the most. Key Date: November 6th is a positive day for you. Consider buying your gifts for the holidays while you are in a good mood and have the energy.

December 2017: Someone surprising has grabbed your attention in your love life. Your heart is sent fluttering by an individual who is outside of your dating comfort zone. You two are better off as friends, but enjoy the chemistry while it lasts. Key Date: The week of December 25th is a little overwhelming to you. There is a lot to do this week. Find ways to sneak in solo time in order to regain energy and keep yourself grounded.

January 2018: This is one of the busiest months of the year for you. Everyone is competing for your attention. You will have to pencil in friends, family, and even your boss if you want to stay on good terms with everyone in your life that matters. Key Date: January 7th is a good day to schedule a meeting with your supervisor. There is something at work that is rubbing you the wrong way. Talk about it early before the problem gets a chance to escalate into something worse.

February 2018: You are feeling a lack of compassion for your friends right now. This is temporary, but expect to have limited patience this month. There are cases where you could say "I told you so." Nobody wants to hear that though. If you want to keep your friends, let them vent to you and cry on your shoulder. Your frustration will be high, but your karma will be looking good. Key Date: Passion and intimacy are favorable around February 8th. Spend some one-on-one time with your lover, as you have some needs that are not being fully met.

March 2018: Your energy is a little low this month. This could be stress related. It is not a good month for travel or extensive physical labor. Spend some nights at home watching movies or reading. Your energy will be back to its normal level in no time. Key Date: The weekend of March 30th is one where you may be feeling a little lonely or depressed. Invite some friends over to help lighten your mood. Your loved ones will help you forget about your problems in no time flat!

April 2018: Life is back to normal, but you need a break at work. Try to plan a vacation this month. Get as far away from your comfort zone as possible. Travel to another country, if you can, for you will have fun being out of your element for a change. Key Date: The week of April 16th is optimal for extended travel. Plan to use up some vacation days to get away from it all for a while. You will come back in a positive frame of mind and with a good attitude.

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