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How to Win a Taurus Man

You’re one of a lucky few if you’re dating a Taurus man. He is strong and sexy. Sure he’s got horns, but he’s someone that you want on your side. David Beckham, Channing Tatum, The Rock and Robert Pattinson, to name a few :)

If you didn’t care to learn how to attract a Taurus man before, I bet you do now! It’s hard to fault you. It’s even harder to find fault in one. He’s born with a ton of drive and determination. Family values mean everything to him. He’s strong but he’s just soft enough. You may never see him cry. But he’ll be the first to wipe away every one of your tears.

There is not a man more loyal in the Zodiac
than the Taurus man.

Taurus Man in Love

Your man is going to be slow. Slow and deliberate is how he moves. In everything. He doesn’t like making mistakes. It’s deeper than pride. It’s about self-identify. Finding greatness in almost everything he does. It has to be done right or he doesn't do it at all. That may lead to second guessing with the relationship. He’ll want things to be right, want you to be right, need things to progress properly. There is no speed or timeline. There is one step that has be completed and then he can proceed to the next one.

He’s the reason why you need to
give up coffee and take up meditating.
He’s that guy!

You should never mistake his lack of energy or get up and go as a sign of disinterest. You may even have to follow up with him. For all of his strength and courage, the Taurean male can lack bravado in dating. They shy away from those that they are most attracted to. Call or text him. It’s ok. He may not do it otherwise. He’s not built for speed.

taurus men in love

Gucci or Old Navy?

He loves a classy well-dressed woman. Nights out are meant to impress him and the world at large. He is going to expect you to be decked out and especially feminine. He’s a sucker for anything female, womanly and soft. When it’s time to chill and Netflix, he won’t have a problem with you wearing your most comfy oversized sweatpants. You could have curlers in, all the better.

He wants you to let your guard down
when it’s just the two of you.

Appearances don’t mean everything to him but he has a strong sense of pride that comes with being a bull. When out and about, you have to look your best. He’ll take it personally if you don’t. When you’re home with him, you better cut loose and relax or he’ll take that personally too.

I enjoy long walks on the couch

Do you enjoy nightlife? Are your weekends jam-packed with activities and outings? You may find your life about to get a lot more, well boring. The Taurus man is a homebody by nature. It won’t take long before you’re spending most nights at home in front of the TV sharing a tub of ice cream. The Taurus gives his all to his daily job. But when he’s home, it’s time to relax and chill out. That’s where he’s at his most comfortable. He’s not against outings. Especially social events where you can both shine, as mature, classy adults. He tends to enjoy road trips and new experiences that revolve around couples or families.

He may not be the most exciting sign
but he is the most dependable and loyal.

Honesty equals happiness

The Taurus man doesn’t understand the “game.” He is pretty straightforward and isn’t a great liar. In fact, he can be a little too honest at times. Especially about himself. He is going to expect the same of you. He doesn’t tolerate or understand dishonesty in relationships. If you’re his partner, then there is nothing that you won’t know about him and he wants to know about you. You can’t and shouldn't pretend that you enjoy an activity if you really don’t. You shouldn't pretend anything. Be yourself. Show yourself. Even if it’s a trait that he may not agree or understand, he’ll appreciate and respect it about you. He’ll even learn to live with it. That’s how much he appreciates honesty. He’ll quickly create space from people who he considers fake or empty.

taurus personality men

How to Tell if a Taurus Man Likes You

You aren’t going to hear the most romantic poetry whispered in your ear anytime soon. They don’t express their deeper emotions very well. Love is something felt rather than spoken. It’s experienced on a cellular level with him. His whole life changes because of it. Nothing remains the same. Men often talk about how the birth of their child changed their priorities. With a Taurus Man, it’s how you’ve changed his priorities. That’s how deeply and completely he loves. It’s not a choice that he makes. It’s who and what he is. The best part is that you can feel it coming from him.

You’ll feel his love in every touch,
every time he looks at you.
Every single thing he does, he does it for you.

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