Birthday Horoscope
Happy Birthday, Taurus! Love forces you to answer some big questions this birthday year. While romance takes center stage, your work path may be complicating things in the background. Read on to find out what awaits you this exciting birthday year!
Life-changing decisions are facing both singles and attached Tauruses this birthday year. Love life dilemmas are a main theme, as you have to decide whether or not you should take next steps or procrastinate further. There is no question that romance is there waiting for you, but is THIS really the person you want to spend the rest of your life with? Big questions like this are on your mind. Nothing needs to be rushed into, but eventually you will have to make a move here. The consequences are going to ripple through all areas of life. Buckle up!

Many singles will be dealing with several main love interests over the course of the year. Unfortunately, neither one is making you weak in the knees. The practical choice is a little boring, yet you find yourself craving the security they offer. The more exciting choice is almost too exotic for you and could potentially leave you crushed if things go bad. Only you can decide what path to take here. If you turn your nose up at both of your big options, you are likely to enter a dry spell that persists through much of the following year! As you can see, the choices are not simple to make.

Those in a relationship are also facing a set of big questions of their own. Whether the question is if you want to move in together or get married, you are likely to see the pros and cons to each choice you make. Stalling is likely to occur as you try to figure out what direction you want to take in life. If you have mixed-feelings about your partner, it is okay to break things off before you take the plunge. Do not feel obligated to marry, just because you have been dating "X" amount of time. You may feel pressure from your partner, or even your family and friends. These are decisions YOU must decide for yourself, so do not let others influence you in a negative way. Now is a time to put your notorious stubbornness to good use!

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Unfortunately, your career is facing some potential setbacks this coming year. The good news is that you may be reinventing yourself and have the option to open new doors of opportunity. The main challenge you are facing has to do with a lack of options with your current work. Whether you have the boss from hell or co-workers that drag you down, you are finding a lack of motivation to keep up with the old routines your position involves. Your stamina is questionably low, due to negative outside influences. A year from now, the dust will be settled and you will have a stronger career path taking shape.

Starting in the second half of 2018 though, you may be pushed to find other sources of income. This will be very scary for you at first. Some of you may decide to just deal with the pressures of your current career path and weather the storm. Many Tauruses though, will be forced to think outside the box and take advantage of other opportunities. Those who are able to be brave and cope with changes are going to go quite far. Push yourself to go the distance, and you will be gaining strength and character along your journey. This is a perfect time to go back to school or to change your industry entirely. Those who abandon ship will be seeking an island paradise versus the cruddy old boat they left behind.

Finances are most likely going to be depleted a bit this year. Your savings will be utilized in practical ways. You may have to use common sense when it comes to spending, but you are not much of a luxury name brand consumer, anyway. As you get to November, you are feeling more at ease with finances and the direction your career path is headed. Education, fitness, and training expenses are worthy ways to allocate your funds this birthday year. Those who are employed in jobs that rely upon creativity or who are self-employed will benefit the most this birthday year.

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May 2018: Love life matters are overwhelming this month. Your partner may have unrealistic expectations for the relationship and it is stressing you out. A serious conversation with your sweetheart may be in order. Key Date: May 25th is a good date for communication with your partner. You may want to discuss little problems before they turn into unforgivable flaws that cannot be worked around.

June 2018: Family is where you should focus your attention this month. Someone will be in need of your help. Also, it is a great time for family gatherings and parties. Perhaps you should host your own! Key Date: June 21st is the change of the season. A special family dinner this evening will be positive and memorable for all who attend.

July 2018: Stress is piling up at work. You may be wishing you could walk out the door. Plan your exit strategy carefully if you do decide to seek employment elsewhere. Burn as few bridges as possible. Key Date: July 8th is a great day for career planning. Some searching and research online may give you some ideas of what path to take next.

August 2018: Health and well-being deserves your attention right now. What can you do to improve your lifestyle? Whether it is fitness, exercise, or stress management, you will benefit from more self-focus this month. Key Date: August 11th's solar eclipse will fill you with energy and passion. It is a wonderful day to take a walk and enjoy the outdoors.

September 2018: Communication barriers pop up in your relationships. You are having trouble understanding why people do the things they do. Your friends are not taking your advice, and you will be telling them "I told you so" in the months to come. Key Date: Communication barriers pop up in your relationships. You are having trouble understanding why people do the things they do. Your friends are not taking your advice, and you will be telling them "I told you so" in the months to come.

October 2018: Luck is on your side this month. You have a special glow to your aura that is acting as a magnet to others. You may start a special new relationship or new friendship this month! Key Date: October 28th is when your luck reaches its peak for a while. Perhaps you should take a small risk and see what happens?

November 2018: A family member is missing you dearly. Spend some quality time with your family this month. Even if you have to travel far to visit extended relatives, it will be well worth the trip. Key Date: November 1st is a good day to plan the trip. You could use a break from the routine. A visit to relatives who live far away would benefit you the most.

December 2018: November 1st is a good day to plan the trip. You could use a break from the routine. A visit to relatives who live far away would benefit you the most. Key Date: December 10th is a day of high energy. Use this time to be productive and get a lot of tasks accomplished. You will appreciate the extra time to relax later this month.

January 2019: You are ready for some adventures this month. Even if you traveled recently, you are ready for another trip. If you have the means, go someplace exotic this month. You will come back rejuvenated. Key Date: The week of January 7th is ideal for travel. Enjoy a slow pace and sightseeing on your own schedule. You don't want to come back from your vacation too exhausted.

February 2019: You may be feeling out of sorts this month, thanks to stress. There are some issues to deal with in the workplace that center around your boss. Just go with the flow to deal with the obstacles in the most efficient way possible. Key Date: You may clash with your boss on February 20th. Double-check your work to make sure there are no oversights. Your memory may be temporarily failing you.

March 2019: Your love life may surprise you this month. Someone that you are attracted to is being especially nice to you. If you are already taken, be careful to avoid any naughty temptations! You could get yourself into big trouble. Key Date: Sexual energy is at a peak around March 4th. You are very magnetic to others, and especially charming. Enjoy this phase of life.

April 2019: A part of your personal life may be experiencing neglect. You may have to communicate to loved ones if your feelings are being hurt. Sometimes people are oblivious, so try expressing yourself in a non-aggressive way. Key Date: April 18th is a great day for open communication with your closest friends and family. Relationship building can bring everyone closer together. Try to end the day with a fun activity to relieve any tension.

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