Birthday Horoscope
Happy Birthday, Taurus! Your love life is full of choices to make and excitement to experience in the year ahead. In addition, your career path is going to experience an incredible window of opportunity. Read on to see what awaits you this exciting birthday year!
This is bound to be a dynamic year thanks to aspects with Venus, your ruling planet. With Venus turning retrograde in May, you should expect a love life crisis to occur before June ends. During this time, you may be questioning every relationship you have had in your life. Expect to be more emotionally drawn to your exes, and to reflect on paths that you did not take. It's not a good idea to make a major love life decisions from May through June. Following this crisis, you are likely to have a second half of 2020 that is more goal-oriented. You know what you want, and there is increased confidence that is with you in how to obtain it. Whether you want to end a relationship or go after someone who you feel is out of your league (or both), you are bound to surprise yourself by how much you can accomplish in a year's time.

Singles will experience an enormous impact by a Lunar eclipse in Gemini set to occur in late-November. Around this time, you may find yourself analyzing the key players who are in your love life. Being able to see true colors will help you to evaluate who is an asset and who is a liability in your social life. You may experience some feelings of withdrawal from your social circle as 2021 begins. It may not be the most exciting New Year's holiday, but you can go forward with a positive new connection that enters your life path as next year gets started. The opportunity for it to turn into a long-term relationship is certainly there-if this dating prospect plays their cards right with you!

Those who are already in a committed relationship should be most aware of the Mars Retrograde from September 9 to November 13. The God of war planet is going to create some significant shakeups and conflicts with your partner. As the inner truth reveals itself to both parties, you may not be sure whether you feel like having sexual intimacy or shutting the door. Expect some confusion as your heart is not matching what the mind is thinking. The good news is that if your relationship survives 2020, the opportunity for the next steps in the first quarter of 2021 are likely. By your next birthday, you may be preparing for an engagement party or even a wedding!

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It is time to get prepared for a major astrological event that will significantly impact your career sector. For everyone who is stuck with a job they hate (or a lack thereof), a new chapter is coming. Jupiter and Saturn's conjunction in December will open up the opportunity of a lifetime. Prepare now for the steps that will be involved to make a major career transition. Now through the end of 2020 is advantageous for working on higher education, training, and employment certificates. Investing in yourself now will help you be in the best shape possible for future career opportunities that will be knocking on your door in 2021. Whether you want to enter a new career field or just a simple promotion, the stars are aligned for a successful transition as early as the first few months of 2021.

Financially speaking, you may experience some bad luck with random possessions breaking on you this birthday year. Before you commit to a significant purchase, ensure that the things you rely on most are in working order. Even for the most prepared, there is just only so much you can be ready for. Whether you drop your phone in a toilet or discover that someone hit your car at the supermarket, stay calm. This phase will not last forever. In fact, the big picture shows finances looking up as they are connected to your career path's progress ahead. Those with healthy savings accounts can be more at ease, so do not forget to inspect your financial goals as well as your professional ones. Those who work in business, finance, and human resource sectors have the most to gain this birthday year.

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May 2020: You may get frustrated when it comes to bills or unexpected expenses that seem to keep piling up. Family and friends are not understanding your stress in this matter. Finding ways to spend money on entertainment that allow you not to break the bank is recommended this month. You don't have to go broke to have fun in life. Key Date: May 1st is a good day to evaluate your budget. Uncovering your unnecessary purchases will help you to save for your financial priorities.

June 2020: This month you are due for some good news. As it is likely to come in your employment sector, make sure that you are staying on top of it at work. Positive feedback or a surprise evaluation may give you a boost that rejuvenates your spirits. Key Date: Work-related productivity is highest around June 15th. With motivation being at a peak, this is an opportune time to plan for a project or presentation deadline.

July 2020: Attention is headed your way from a surprise suitor. Someone from your past will make a reappearance in your life. How far things go is entirely up to you! The Mercury Retrograde this month may make it be the least likely person that you will hear from. The ball is in their court to impress you but do not set your exceptions too high. Key Date: Watch out for technological difficulties around July 2nd. Your phone or internet may have issues, so have a communication back-up plan to be safe.

August 2020: Your energy levels will be low this month, leaving you susceptible to stress-related complications. Take good care of your health, nutrition, and sleep habits. Proper stress management methods can allow you to handle the hijinks of life with more finesse. Key Date: Stress peaks for you around August 28th. This is an ideal time to stay home and binge-watch your favorite TV show. If possible, avoid making big plans for this date.

September 2020: Your social circle is under scrutiny at work. You are known for the company you keep, and someone that you are connected to is not the best influence. Upper management is watching and knows more than you think. Office secrets are not likely to be locked in the vault this month. Key Date: Clashes among co-workers are most likely around September 10th. Expect to be the peacekeeper or even act as an unofficial mediator in the workplace.

October 2020: Are you ready for some travel and sight-seeing? This month it is wise to travel far from home. You may feel bogged down by plans that your travel companions are pushing on you. Don't be afraid to be spontaneous and go on a one-person sightseeing mission for a day (or more). Key Date: The days around October 1st look ideal for starting a journey. To avoid travel-related delays, try to be home before mercury retrograde begins on October 14th.

November 2020: Communication with your romantic interest is strained. You two are not seeing eye-to-eye and this is giving you heartache. You may be feeling pushed to pursue an alternative relationship path. If you are feeling conflicted, you may not want to make any major decisions right now. Key Date: Stress with your partner is highest around November 27th. You are not likely to get through to one another no matter what you say or do at this time.

December 2020: Family bonding is a central focus right now. Any end of the year holidays or celebrations are bound to be especially meaningful to you this year. As the year comes to a close, you may be experiencing sentimental emotions that lead to grand gestures. Your family members will know how much they mean to you this month! Key Date: December 7th is when you are feeling a surge of positive emotions. If you cannot be near your family members, expect to be doing a lot of texting or calling around this date.

January 2021: The lunar eclipse this month may cause you to be a little more sensitive and cranky than usual. When you are feeling annoyed, do what you can to take a personal time out from those who are draining your energy. It is not worth having a full-blown argument if you can avoid it. Key Date: Sensitivity peaks around January 10th. You may be wanting to lay low this date. It is not worth the hassle to negatively speak up about the small things (that you will likely be forgetting about tomorrow).

February 2021: The love theme of February will have you fixated on your relationship status. While singles will be more open to random love interests, a temptation may come up for committed Tauruses. There can be major consequences that come from bold actions at this time, so consider your choices carefully. Key Date: Romantic intimacy reaches a peak around February 19th, allowing for you to be focusing on your most physical needs and desires. It is a great time to be expressive with your partner, as speaking up could reward your relationship path.

March 2021: If it feels like you are only getting half the story from your friends, then your instincts are trying to tell you something. Your social circle may need some revisions, as betrayal or backstabbing could haunt you at some point this month. Even simple gossip can run its wicked course, leaving you feeling hurt and vulnerable. Key Date: March 4th is when matters get most tense in your friendship zone. Be on your emotional guard to avoid as much drama as possible.

April 2021: An opportunity arises to be able to bring positive energy to the workplace. If it seems dreary at work, your enthusiasm can be most beneficial to a team or office that needs your talents. Your productivity levels are high, and you can share knowledge and tips with your co-workers who are in desperate need of some extra help right now. Key Date: A collaboration opportunity is waiting for you around April 18th. This is a wonderful time to explore your most far-out ideas with a kindred spirit.

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Written By Sonya Starr Angel
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Specializing in : Tarot Readings | Skills : Astrology / Psychic / Tarot
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