Birthday Horoscope
Happy Birthday, Taurus! You are in for a dynamic year for love and romance. However, can you handle the career and financial changes that could be on the table, too? Read on to find out what awaits you this exciting birthday year!
For those Bulls that faced romantic hardships last year, there are positive influences ahead that can help your love life improve. For starters, Chiron is in Aries from mid-July through mid-December 2021. This "Wounded Healer" asteroid will be helping you to overcome some insecurities or esteem issues that may have been subconsciously affecting you for ages now. Expect to be more bold and courageous during this dynamic phase for your love life. Life lessons may come throughout 2021 that actually can stick. Your heart may truly be your guide as you sort out who is right and who is wrong for you (and this can include family and friendships as well). You will be more fired up when it comes to dealing with people who take advantage of you, as well. It is not a time to be afraid to speak up!

Singles will be strongly impacted by the lunar eclipse in Taurus in mid-November 2021. During this time, expect for moodiness that may lead to some impulsive and spontaneous choices regarding your love life. You may be surprised at who you are going on dates with by the end of 2021. Caution, for you may accidently attract some toxic peoples' attention. Fortunately, you have more courage to speak up for yourself than normal (which will help you avoid dealing with a Mr. or Miss Wrong for too long). As you get to early 2022, you will find that February 2022 brings you some fresh people in your social circle (and several serious love life opportunities along the way).

Those in relationships may be at risk for one heck of a life crisis moment thanks to June's solar eclipse in Gemini. One side of you may emerge that does not want to deal with any responsibilities at all, and seeks freedom from your partner. If you end up regretting the consequences of your actions, there is hope for peace with your partner to resume once again. You may need to make a choice about the future of your love life by the close of 2021 though. If you end up straying far from your loved one, do not be surprised if you find yourself cheated on in early 2022. If stories are not adding up, there may be a reason your heart is feeling suspicious. January 2022 brings a very rough Mercury Retrograde that may turn some of you couples into singles by the time you get to your next birthday in 2022. If you are wanting to salvage your relationship at all costs, a neutral third party may need to act as a mediator.

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Career-related good news is coming up ahead for you, too. But you will have to wade through a period of self-loathing and critical thinking when it comes to your career house. Stress will lighten up as you get through the Venus Retrograde in Capricorn in December 2021. By the end of the year, you are going to have a battle plan for what direction you want to go in life. If you are trying to follow a life calling, preparing for change (if necessary) should start as soon as possible. You internally may be resisting change for the best, but circumstances should be lining up for you to take advantage of work-related growth opportunities that emerge for you this birthday year.

Financially, you may be feeling a bit stressed, as some of the money-making luck of yesteryear is not in abundance. Bills and financial obligations can leave you feeling spread too thin. The hardships will increase around the Mercury Retrograde periods, where you will have bad luck with electronics or major appliances breaking on you. You may try to save money by fixing it yourself, but unless you are a professional, it may be wisest to have someone else do the repairs for you. With unexpected expenses on the table, it is a good year to work on saving, versus spending money freely. Sticking to a budget around the holiday season, for example, can prevent you from emotional purchases and from going overboard with your generosity. By the time you get to your next birthday in 2022, you should be in a stronger position, financially-speaking.

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May 2021: Your birthday year may start out with a scare to your career sector of life. Have faith, as it is likely miscommunication that will be able to resolve itself. Once this matter is squared away, you should be back on track for reaching your business-related goals that you have ongoing. Key Date: Communication misunderstandings may hit the hardest around May 16th. Don't let any moodiness issues that you may be experiencing lead to making regrettable choices. As the month winds down, you should be feeling back to your usual self.

June 2021: Mid-year stress may be starting to leave you feeling frazzled this month. Life sure can be overwhelming, and there is a lot on your plate right now. You are motivated, which will help you to get a lot accomplished. Take note of any support you get from a friend or co-worker at this time who is going above and beyond for you. You will surely return the favor to them on another day. Key Date: June 3rd may have you feeling the need for some help from your social support network. Don't hesitate to call a loved one when you are feeling that life is handing you too much at once. Even if life is challenging, you can at least make memories with the person who helps you at this time.

July 2021: Lucky you, Taurus! Your personal magnetism is on the rise, allowing for new people to be drawn to your energy. You are on fire! Don't act too surprised, or you may lose some of the intrigue that you have going on. Not only can this help your love life, but it can boost your work path as well. You are getting along well with all walks of people right now. This is beneficial for those who work in sales, especially. Key Date: July 19th is when your personal magnetism starts to peak. Use this time for important dates or meetings. Events are more likely to flow your way.

August 2021: Are you dealing with a financial crisis right now? This is a great month to focus on your finances and see what can be improved upon. Be very careful to avoid overspending, as you will only regret it in a few months when the holiday season quickly approaches. Try to avoid retail therapy if you can, because it will only add to your problems come later. Key Date: Keep a close eye on your purse, car keys, and other valuables around August 30th. This is a time where you may be absent-minded, with your mind on other things. You certainly do not want to lose anything important while your financial luck is a little low!

September 2021: Your productivity is through the roof this month. This is useful for both home and work-related matters. At home, it is an ideal time to work on a home improvement project, such as new carpeting. At work, your work ethic is attracting the attention of higher-ups. If you have a job evaluation coming up, you are in for a real treat. Keep up the hard work! Key Date: Along with productivity, your creativity is also on the rise. Jot down any ideas that come to your mind around September 7th. You may come up with something innovative that can change your life for the best!

October 2021: Some of the work-related luck may feel stagnant as you get deep into October. Motivation may start to decline, and you risk facing emotional burnout if you have been at this job for a long time. Be careful to watch your words with any coworkers who you are bound to clash with. The rumor mill is hard at work, and you do not want to be part of the gossip. Key Date: Emotional sensitivity will be high around October 18th. This is a day that is best for spending some alone time. Try to avoid being too emotionally vulnerable to others right now. You may feel ignored by those who care about you, but this feeling will pass.

November 2021: As the year flies by, you are feeling like an uplifted version of yourself. You have had time to accomplish a lot so far this birthday year. Don't forget to take good care of your personal well-being. Activities such as sports, higher education, and adding new hobbies into your life will help keep your motivation levels high. If you are stuck trying to figure out what to do with your spare time, think of your relatives. Family time is really ideal right now and soothing to the soul. Key Date: November 1st is when your energy is starting to reach a positive peak. This is a wonderful time to put energy into your own self-interests and self-care. Perhaps it is time for a new haircut or something similar to pamper yourself a little!

December 2021: As the year ends, you are focusing on your love life in a serious way. You are desiring intimacy and it can lead towards a very special night for you and your partner. You may be taking a trip down memory lane this month, as you focus on years past with both your present and past lovers. The nostalgic feeling can leave you with bittersweet emotions. However, you are not to be distracted from where your love life future is headed. Key Date: December 31st is an opportune time to get wild with a special date night. Make it fun night to remember as you look forward to what 2022 will bring to your life in general.

January 2022: You may be feeling wanderlust as 2022 begins. If you can, it may be time for you to get out of town and have a vacation. Only bring those who you can get along with the most, because you are not going to be in the mood to be so self-serving to others on YOUR vacation! If you can escape by yourself for a day or two, even better! You can use some time to recharge the batteries of the soul! Key Date: Traveling is best done very early in January. The first week of January looks very promising for travel-related luck and fortune for some of you lucky Tauruses out there! Your luck peaks around January 4th.

February 2022: Even though it is the month of love, you may be feeling a bit moody about romance right now. There is a chance that you are dealing with a trust issue with your partner. The good news is that this is not permanent. You actually are attracting attention from some individuals you never would have guessed liked you. There is a chance to uncover who has a secret crush on you this month! Key Date: The excitement reaches a high point around February 14th. If there are any special someones for you hiding among the hearts and flowers, you are sure to spot them soon!

March 2022: Your energy is a little low this month compared to your baseline. This may make business, finances, and even love life matters not go so smoothly for you. Try to avoid life-changing decision making right now. This is not a good period to bite off more than you can chew. Try to get some rest and relaxation while you can, for your energy will be doing better soon. Key Date: Your energy is at its lowest point around March 28th. This is a wonderful day to stay in bed, and binge watch your favorite show. Try to make it a light day on yourself, if possible!

April 2022: As you face your next birthday, you may be feeling very fixated on your love life. You are looking at long-term goals and the present day. How to you get to where you want to be in the next few years? Singles may be feeling a bit low, but even those with partners are seeing how the grass is always greener. Take your love life one day at a time. While it is good to look ahead, if you try to plan ahead too far those plans may not be able to stand the test of time. Key Date: Around April 25th is an opportune time for communication with your significant other. Is there something they are doing that is driving you crazy? Don't let resentment ruin your relationship. Have a good heart-to-heart with your loved one, and you may be surprised by the outcome.

Written By Sonya Starr Angel
Sonya has over 20 years of experience using her gifts to provide psychic guidance and advice to her clients. She really cares about her clients and often forms deep relationships with them. A reading with Sonya will give you amazing insights and clarity.
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Specializing in : Tarot Readings | Skills : Astrology / Psychic / Tarot
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