Birthday Horoscope
Happy Birthday, Virgo! You may be feeling like a new person with a new attitude when it comes to your love life this year. In addition, your finances has some luck in store for the long-term future. Read on to find out what awaits you this amazing birthday year!
You may be noticing a tendency to be less romance-oriented than normal in the year ahead, Virgo. Some of you are starting new chapters in life as 2021 continues on. Whether you just got your heart broke, or are just learning some valuable lessons on life in general, your mindset is focused on the "big picture" for life. This can greatly impact your social life and love life, as well. Your friends and family may be surprised by any attitude changes, especially if they are used to your superior attention to detail and the fine print of life. You may be noticing your moods and energy are more erratic than normal too, particularly around mid-November 2021's lunar eclipse in fellow earth sign Taurus. You may have a bit of a social life nervous breakdown, and need to take some time to yourself to recharge. Fortunately, 2022 picks up to be beneficial for forming stronger social bonds and relationships, especially in the 2nd quarter of 2022.

For Single Virgos, you may be feeling anti-social towards late-2021. Your standards for dating may be higher, or it may be that there is just not that impressive dating options to focus on for a phase. Dry love life periods won't stay that way forever. Take the extra time you have to focus on the self. You may be noticing that you are driven to prioritize your health and well-being, over mingling in places that put you at risk for bad habits (smoking, drinking, staying out too late, etc.). It is less about love life needs, and more about what YOU need. This attitude shift helps to open doors for better love life options, in the long-term. Across 2022, you should be at an advantage to find a serious partner, if you are wanting to change your single status. Luck with fellow earth signs, particularly Capricorn, may standout as enticing options this birthday year.

For Virgos in a relationship, be wary of having too much romantic fun where you work, in November 2021. Your career path may present you with a brief romantic temptation around this time. This could be a bad idea for multiple reasons, even ethical reasons (i.e., cheating may lead to complications that could be avoided). This short-lived office romance may not be worth the risks, but that is only for your heart to decide in the end. As 2022 gets rolling, you do have much better timing for partnerships and even relationship next steps, if you are so inclined. You may feel pushed to put more work into your relationship, thanks to influence from Capricorn in Venus, early in the year. By the time Venus moves to Pisces, come April 2022 , you will be desiring more passion and fun with your partner. Romantic one-on-one travels with your partner can capitalize on the positive passionate vibes, and boost both your spirits. In late June 2022, the new moon in Cancer, makes for perfect timing for planning out your family's future. Emotionally-charged (in a good way) conversations around this time help strengthen the bond with your partner.

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Some good advice for your career path this birthday year is to watch out for the Mercury Retrograde periods ahead! They may be driving you crazy more than normal. Poor luck with communication (think unreliable internet, losing your phone, etc.) is a risk factor during these notoriously unlucky periods. With regards to your career path, the bad luck may make for some unfortunate miscommunication problems at work, if you are not careful. A difficult period to watch out for is the Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius from January 15th through February 5th, 2022. The most productive career phase is March through April 2022, where you may have the best luck with anything such as meetings, interviews, or team projects.

Your attitude towards finances is pulled towards saving and the long-term future. It is a great birthday year to continue to put in efforts to develop your career path to the fullest. As you get through the first quarter of 2022, you may be wanting to make a big purchase. If you are planning to re-locate or buy a home, you are having more luck to have the details and paperwork go smoothly. You are on the ball when it comes to being proactive. This helps to avoid problems in the long-term before they can even get started. You may not be wanting to spend money needlessly, but don't forget to reward yourself for your hard work along the way. Some of the best rewards in life do not cost a thing. Take time to enjoy the sunset or sunrise, or spend some extra fun time with a loved one. This way you can treat yourself, while also working on your savings account. The luckiest money-making period for you, may come after you get past May 2022's full moon in Taurus.

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September 2021: You may be feeling more withdrawn from your social life than usual this month. This feeling may stick with you for part of the birthday year. It can be an attitude that re-shapes some of your key relationships. If you are feeling compelled to cut out negative people from your life path, it may be for the overall best. Key Date: Around September 5th, you may be wanting to blow off a needy friend who is pushing your buttons. You should do what is best for yourself at this time, and do not feel guilty!

October 2021: Work and career matters may be a top priority this month. It can result in your loved ones feeling neglected, particularly romantic interests. You may get put in a position to make a decision that can impact the course of your love life altogether. Do not rush any big decisions this month. Key Date: October 22nd looks to be when stress peaks in your life altogether. This is a good day to lay low, and try to dodge problems before they even can get started.

November 2021: You may be feeling impulsive when it comes to making choices this month. You are more self-focused right now, and if you are feeling pressured by others, there is risk for an explosion! Some tension may have been building up for awhile, but be careful to not say anything regretful that can't be unsaid. If you are feeling emotionally unbalanced, it should get better next month. Key Date: Tension may be most impacting you around November 19th. This is when the lunar eclipse in Taurus occurs, and you may be feeling quite thrown off, emotionally.

December 2021: Your family is front and center this month, as you are being pushed to various social event opportunities that involve your loved ones. Whether it is a holiday party or a birthday party, you may find that you feel better once you arrive to the event. Your family may boost your mood and also have some positive surprises for you. Key Date: Family events around December 30th may be when you are in the most enthusiastic spirits for socializing. The new year is right around the corner, and you are looking forward to new beginnings.

January 2022: As the year begins, a new love interest can cross your path early on. You also happen to be craving more intimacy in your life, so it could be good timing. Do not be afraid to go slow with any new relationship, if you are wanting things get serious. You may need to confide in a friend about what you are emotionally dealing with. If you end up starting a new relationship, their fun energy should be filling you with enthusiasm. Key Date: You have a better chance to meet new love interests as you get to January 12th. This is an ideal time for adventures with dating. Leave the house and find something entertaining to do with your love interest.

February 2022: Love may have seemed luckier last month, but you should be having some luck now with your finances. It is an opportune time to plan for the future, more than ever. Y The choices you implement now can make a big difference by the end of the year. Talking with a financial advisor or someone you trust on this subject can make an even bigger impact. Key Date: Around February 26th, your luck with money matters is boosted. This would be an ideal time to talk with a financial planner, or even to just make some long-term goals for yourself. It is great timing for healthy spending habits.

March 2022: As the month gets going, you may be noticing that there are little clashes going on at work around you. The politics at work can be very draining, but you are having luck with dodging this type of negative action. Avoid gossip and rumors, and you can stay on a healthy work path for yourself. Do not let the negativity of others drag you to act beneath your level! Key Date: The days around March 9th are best served for some rest and relaxation. Stress at work may be worse than normal around this time, so do what you can to avoid these pointless challenges.

April 2022: You may be feeling a little emotionally needy this month. Your love interest may be able to help boost your spirits and security. This is a good month to work on communication and commitment matters with your partner (for those in a relationship). For singles, you may have better luck keeping your eyes open for someone new to crush on. Key Date: You are feeling most emotionally off around April 17th. This is a great time to be socially active. Spending too much time alone right now may lead to negative thinking that is best avoided!

May 2022: Watch out for jealousy at the workplace. You may be getting negative attention from a co-worker who thinks of you as competition. This can be a harder time for communication matters too, with the Mercury Retrograde that starts this month in Gemini. While your luck may be down at the moment, this is not a permanently negative situation at all. Things pick up better next month! Key Date: Around May 18th, you have the least luck with work-related matters thanks to communication mishaps. Little things may go wrong, such as losing your phone or running out of battery power at an important time. Have communication backup plans, if possible.

June 2022: This is a great month to do some adventuring. Mix it up a little and do things outside the norm. If you can travel to a new place, you will be rewarded with new experiences to uncover. Tie up loose ends at work and home, and brace yourself for some excitement. You may notice you have the best time in small groups right now. Key Date: The best time for traveling this month, starts in late June. If you wait until June 20th, or later, you may be most mentally and energetically prepared for travels far from home.

July 2022: Are you feeling jaded with your love life? You may be surprised then to know your personal magnetism for love is picking up. This is where you may be noticing new love interests come to you more easily than normal. Enjoy this exciting time, as even if it is not able to work out with dating someone new, you may at least make a new friend or two! Key Date: Your personal magnetism is highest around July 1st. You are likely to be focused on romance and intimacy at this time, so you can definitely be enjoying the attention that is to come your way.

August 2022: You end the year with increased strength in the relationship department. For those who are dating, you are likely to have things step it up a notch with your partner. Whether it is time to make things official, or time to propose, do not be afraid of what your heart is telling you to do. You have luck on your side to strengthen commitment and benefit your love life future. Key Date: Around August 7th, you have a beneficial time for communicating with your partner. Is there something big you have been wanting to say? This is a good time to address both concerns and to give compliments. If you are working on the relationship, do not be afraid of constructive criticism.

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Written By Sonya Starr Angel
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