5 Ways To Change An Unhappy Relationship

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Top Psychic Advisor / 20+ Years of Experience / Psychic, Empath, Clairvoyant
Miscommunication, mistakes and screw ups happen in relationships. The effect over the long term can have detrimental effects on how happy you are with one another, no matter how much you love each other. If you want to salvage a relationship, find out how to repair a broken relationship, or how to save a relationship, read on for five habits that can help turn an unhappy relationship around.
1. Create Quality Time
save your relationship with quality time save your relationship with quality time
Routines are great for some, but can often lead to stagnation. You get up, go to work, come home, unwind and repeat. Getting stuck and comfortable in our misery is easy. In time, the relationship can start to collect dust that inhibits the shine. You have to experience new things, events, even tastes. Make a point of turning off your phones and doing things together you both enjoy. Just with each other, no one else. It won’t be comfortable or pleasant at first. You may find yourself struggling to enjoy the company of the person who was once much more familiar to you. It just means that you have to set out time to do more of it. Do you want this to work? Do you want this to be ok? If that is your goal, then this is an easy fix. It costs nothing but your time.
2. Pay Closer Attention
Pay Closer Attention to save your marriage Pay Closer Attention to save your marriage
Are you listening? Really. Are you? Try to pay closer attention to them, their needs, complaints, even if they seem minor or a waste of your time. What may be unimportant to you could mean the world to them. The fact that you don’t take their needs, desire or wishes to heart sometimes is enough to create a wedge that is extremely difficult to remove. Make their passion your passion. Enjoy something together. It can’t just be about you, what you need and what you want. You’ll get there. You’ll get what you want. But someone has to be the bigger person. If not you, then who? It’s easy to say it’s up to them. That’s not going to help anything. What does help is investing your own energy into the one that you love.
3. Take A Selfie
Take A Selfie Take A Selfie

That’s right. Time to take a closer look at yourself. Take a picture. Zoom in. Make sure that you’re doing your part. Are you acting in any way that is vindictive, petty or angry? Do you feel that you’re justified because of what they did in the past? Are you actively adding fuel to the fire? Are you enabling some of the dysfunction? Start there. Unless your rudder is steady, unless the sails are set with the wind, you will not reach your destination. You only need a difference in a single degree to get lost on a long voyage. Pointing fingers is easy, but what will really help is focusing on what YOU are doing to help or hurt things? Be honest.

4. Make Your Partner A Priority
Make Your Partner A Priority Make Your Partner A Priority
You have girlfriends. He has guy friends. You have family obligations, he has a weird family that you hope someday will move far, far away. You’re always around others, always taking care of the kids or trying to put out fires at work. You just signed up for this excellent Yoga class with your best friend, and you can’t wait. Relationships can sometimes become less and less about our partners, and become more and more about our own selves and personal fulfillment. Unless our mate is complaining, we don’t see or care to know that they have needs that are going unfulfilled. And thus begins the descent into an extremely uncomfortable place. Where you become more like strangers than lovers. Try to put them first. Over your family, over your friends, over anyone.

Is that not what it was like in the beginning? They were the love of your life, and no one else mattered as much. Prioritizing a mate can be challenging in the face of competing voices who want and need your attention. If you aren’t careful, your partner goes way down to the list to the very bottom. You won’t even know it happened. One thing is for sure though, they will notice it. When every request is answered with, “I don’t know”, “we’ll see” or “maybe next week”...it’s gonna be a problem. Treat your partner as you would like them to treat you.
5. Do Unto Others
Do Unto Others Do Unto Others

This is a core of most relationship issues and struggles. Especially for the ones that are past their prime. We stop treating our partners as we would like to be treated. Instead, we operate as we feel that they deserve to be treated. How often do you actually treat your partner with love, consideration and the kind of affection that you especially want? Only if they do it first? Only if you feel like it? When you’re having a good day? If you managed and acted in a way that you would want your partner to act, chances are, and they are excellent chances, that they will pay attention.

They will also begin to mimic some of that beautiful behavior. If they don’t at first, that’s perfectly OK! It doesn’t mean that they are taking you for granted. It may mean that they aren’t aware and that they need more time to follow suit. Remember, when things have deteriorated, it can take some convincing for your partner that this is the new normal. Act. Don’t talk. Avoid complaining to your girlfriends about it. Just do something. Act with confidence, believe, invest in your own future happiness by investing in the happiness of your mate.

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