Think He's Cheating On You? Get The Real Signs Here

Janice Howard
Master of spirituality / Spiritual writer based in Oklahoma, USA / Spiritual activist
Master of spirituality / Spiritual writer based in Oklahoma, USA / Spiritual activist

signs he is definitely cheating on you signs he is definitely cheating on you
Betrayal; we've heard it all in love songs, books, and movies. It happens all around us, and the truth is, we don't want it happening to us. Cheating is a word we don't want to hear when we're in a relationship, but unfortunately, it happens too often that it's kind of hard to ignore. The most significant human emotional need is to be loved - unconditionally. When a romantic love seems like it could be compromised or shared, it's a real heartbreak to endure.

Often, our users here at Kasamba turn to us for support when they've gone through emotional trauma when it comes to their spouse or partner cheating; it's a tough cookie to swallow and requires a lot of introspection, meditation, and time. For the most part, our advisors are often faced with questions on whether their partner is seeing someone else or even has feelings for someone else. Owing to our extensive experience on this topic ( more than 20 years offering insights and guidance to our users), we have gathered a list of top, trusted signs that your significant other is hiding things behind your back. If you feel that you can relate to 2 or more of these signs, then it's time to sound the alarm bells and investigate further because these could be signs that he's definitely cheating on you.

physical signs he's cheating physical signs he's cheating

Emotional signs

Emotions are hard to decipher, especially if you're in a new relationship. We all have our ups and downs, and if we are going through something stressful at work, for example, we often tend to take out our emotions on our partners. Therefore, this can be a little tricky to break down. However, if you encounter these signs more than often on any given day, then there's something you should be wary of and investigate further.

  • Your significant other becomes angry and impatient around you. We all get agitated and angry at times, but if this sudden offset of anger persists and is based on silly reasons, this could mean something else is going on.
  • Do you feel your partner is suddenly pointing fingers at you? Their guilt could be subconsciously getting to them, and so the next best thing is to try to steer the spotlight away from them and point it all at you.
  • Their interest is slowly fading away. It could be from the mundane activities such as drinking coffee with you every morning, or if they're suddenly too tired to watch their favorite series with you, this could be a big sign that something or someone else is occupying their mind.
  • Compliments and terms of endearment have gone straight out the window. They find it hard to find the words to say anything nice about you or call you by pet names. This is a sign that things may be going sour, and you need to be fully alert.
  • Actions speak louder than words, but sometimes the words they speak already give off some uncertainty. If they stop talking about their future and even worse, if you are not part of their future plans, this is a sure sign they are not interested in keeping this relationship forever.

signs he will never cheat signs he will never cheat

Physical signs

Physical signs he's cheating are more evident than the emotional part because often, body language is a subconscious action that your partner may not fully control- as much as they try. Once you pay attention to every single physical detail, you will know (and feel) that your doubts may have some meaning behind them. Here are some subtle signs yet obvious signs ;

  • Your partner has changed their wardrobe, has become more stylish, and is spending a lot more time investing in their physical appearance. If this is not something you're used to seeing, then it's something to start questioning.
  • Avoiding any form of contact is another obvious sign that your partner is cheating on you. Pay close attention if they go out of their way to prevent any form of physical contact with you. Whether it's sitting next to you on the couch, sitting opposite you by the dinner table, or making way for you when you walk past so that they don't have to touch you at all.
  • It's all in the intimacy. Is your partner not so interested in being intimate with you so often? On the flip side, they could be extraordinarily affectionate and want to be even more intimate with you. Either way, if this is not something you are used to, there could be something they are hiding.
  • You feel that fire of affection is slowly starting to be extinguished. Have they stopped randomly holding your hand? No more hugs? Playing with your hair or caressing your hand? These are telltale signs that something could be up, especially if they have stopped being affectionate like they were in the past.
  • Many people who cheat often use the work excuse on their partners. Suddenly, they need to work late and have a tight schedule, which means they don't come home until the evening's late hours. If you feel this is not really true, you will need to investigate the matter further.

Day-to-day signs

It's easier to keep secrets in today's day and age thanks to all the technological advancements. Messages can be deleted, secret email accounts can be used… the list is endless. It may seem hard to find out what your partner is actually getting up to "behind closed doors," but luckily, there are still signs that can point in the direction of betrayal.

  • Signs that he's cheating online? Your partner has stopped playing on their smartphone when you're around. What's more, if they suddenly have implemented a code to unlock their phone or laptop, this for sure could mean they are hiding something from you.
  • There's no excuse when your significant other is all of a sudden unreachable for an extended period. The phone rings and rings, yet there's no answer, and they're not answering your messages either. Being unavailable is another classic sign that something could be up.
  • This is one of those weird signs that he's cheating. All of a sudden, you see that your shared bank account is running dry, fast. While you may not see where exactly the money is going, you notice many ATM withdrawals. Something could be up, and he doesn't want you to know where this money is going.
  • They want to know your every step. If you're going out to buy milk or going to meet a friend, they want to know how long you'll be and where exactly you are going. If this becomes a daily concern of theirs, rest assured that more often than not, they are only concerned about your whereabouts so that they can plan something else under the radar.

signs he is faithful signs he is faithful

Signs he's faithful

On the flip side, not every man or woman cheats. We've noticed a trend with some users who have come out of hurtful and emotionally traumatizing relationships and carry these ill-feelings that reflect on their next relationship. All they need is the comfort of knowing that the person they are with is faithful, and in the long run, they won't be wasting their time or getting their feelings hurt again. Our advisors often try to break down a situation and gain a spiritual perspective on their client's and partner's feelings by looking at their Zodiac signs. Our experts then compare both signs to see if there are any fundamental differences and similarities. This is always an excellent forecast to see if a relationship will be smooth-sailing or rocky. Also, certain Zodiac signs are known for their cheating ways, and some are known to never cheat.

If you want to know more, you too can get a glimpse of your, and your partner's compatibility with our exclusive Zodiac love compatibility tool.

Signs of faithfulness

If you're looking for signs that he will never cheat, here are some excellent ones;

  • They don't hide their phone or laptop from you
  • You have the passwords to everything
  • There's always affection
  • When they speak of the future, you are always part of their plans
  • You are always in the loop with every single detail in their life
  • By nature, your partner doesn't like keeping secrets and likes being transparent
  • They let you know how much you mean to them, even with the smallest actions

But what is the most significant sign?

In the end, you'll know something isn't rosy from your gut feeling. Your intuition speaks to you every day, giving you alarm bells to try to keep you out of sticky situations. Intuition is your soul talking, and when you are placed in a dilemma, you can be sure that you will feel something is not right thanks to that little voice from within.

Don't ever ignore your gut feeling, and if you feel something isn't right or easy-going in your relationship, chances are, you need to follow your instinct and get to the bottom of it right away.

You can confirm your feelings by chatting to one of our psychic advisors, who will be able to tap into your partner's feelings and give you all the insights you need regarding your relationship and if it's even worth pursuing. Our psychics have special, unique gifts and can use their skills to give you fantastic relationship advice so that you can walk with your head held high.

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Janice Howard is based in Oklahoma, USA. With years of experience researching all things spiritual , including divination tools such as Tarot, Numerology, and Psychic connections, Janice regards herself as a spiritual activist. During her spare time, she practices yoga, writes, and teaches mind, body, and soul connections at the local recreation centers.
Skills : Master of spirituality / Spiritual writer based in Oklahoma, USA / Spiritual activist Find me on Facebook »
Skills : Master of spirituality / Spiritual writer based in Oklahoma, USA / Spiritual activist
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