Does He Love Me?

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Top Psychic Advisor / 10+ Years of Experience / Clairvoyant Specialist

Does He Love Me? Does He Love Me?
Is he falling in love with me? A question sooner or later we ponder in our hearts. It is not unusual to over analyze every detail about the person we are dating. You find yourself checking your phone all the time in hopes of his next call or text, you get those nervous, excited butterfly feelings every time you hear his voice or see him, and you wait in anticipation to see if he grabs your hand, looks deeply into your eyes and expresses those three little words the next time he takes you out for a special evening, taking note of all his actions to find true signs he really loves you. Yes, I have watched many romantic movies in my lifetime.

Falling in love is one of the most beautiful, sometimes complicated, “change your life” experiences. For some of us, our desired love story may leave us feeling a bit unsure, confused, and conflicted especially when you may not hear the words you are hoping to hear, leaving you wondering, “how does he feel about me?”.

So how do you really know where his heart is at? Observing certain behaviors and signs can help you gain some insights on where your relationship may be headed. Men generally are not that expressive to begin with, but you may find your answers through their actions.

There are some significant signs he loves you without saying it that can help navigate your relationship before you decide to jump ahead and begin making plans for the future. These may look different to each of you but the core essence will always be there in some form. As your relationship progresses, so do the signs.

How Do I Know If He Is Falling In Love With MeHow Do I Know If He Is Falling In Love With Me

How Do I Know If He Is Falling In Love With Me?

  • He wants to see you smile. Your happiness is important to him. He will make every effort to bring you as much happiness as possible, to put a smile on your face or make you laugh so that you can forget the very thing you were sad, upset or anxious about.
  • He makes you feel special. You will find that he has his own ways to make you feel special, making you feel that you are a priority. He will make you feel good about yourself. He appreciates and values you. He is not reserved to reach out and hold your hand in public, put his arm around you, or do those chivalrous acts like opening the car door for you and making you feel taken care of.
  • He listens and understands you. He makes you feel comfortable to share what is important to you. He is patient and understanding when you may get flustered or nervous. He takes the time to understand where you are coming from and what you need by asking questions and not dismissing you. He also just can’t help take note of every little thing you say, even when you may ramble on. He remembers even the tiniest details that you may have forgotten or haven’t even noticed.
  • He thinks about you. He can’t stop thinking about you. He reaches out throughout the day or he may send you a good morning text or end his day with a “sweet dreams” message. He initiates conversation. He will remember those little things that are important to you or he may surprise you with something he knows you will like the next time you see him.
  • He compromises with you. When it comes to difference of opinion, he will meet you in the middle and this can be seen in the smallest things he will do for you. What is important to him is that you two get along and find solutions to disagreements.
  • He sees a future with you. You notice he starts using “our” or “we”. He is open, honest, and transparent with you about everything. He doesn’t hide his friends, activities, his phone, hobbies or anything. He loves to share his life with you and wants you to be a part of it.

What Are The Signs He Loves You DeeplyWhat Are The Signs He Loves You Deeply

What Are The Signs He Loves You Deeply?

  • He wants to protect you. He will make you feel safe and feel secure with him. He will make you feel as if you’re “home”. His love has ways of tearing down the walls that you may have built up around yourself. Yes, he will even fight those fears alongside you.
  • He adores you. He compliments you for the beauty you have inside and out. He notices those parts of you that he adores and cherishes, such as how your eyes light up when he smiles at you or when you are in awe of something wonderful or you experienced something amazing for the first time. He will even smile or be amused at all your quirky ways or mannerisms. He may say something like, the way you bite your lip when you are nervous makes my heart melt or he may just find ways to be playful and tease you just the same.
  • He has your back. He knows your vulnerabilities and he is always there to encourage you when you doubt yourself. He doesn’t try to “fix” you but understands where you are at. He builds you up and doesn’t tear you down. He celebrates and is proud of your accomplishments, big or small.
  • He supports you and your dreams. He makes you feel like you could take on the world. He shows you that he will always be there for you and who knows, maybe he may even want to accomplish your dreams with you.
  • He is someone you can count on. He is solid and consistent in your life. He doesn’t waver or abandon you as soon as things get hard. He doesn’t leave you hanging. He will always tell you the truth with compassion and care, even if it can be hard to hear because he doesn’t want to see you get hurt and wants the best for you.
  • He will show up for you. Being physically and emotionally present in your life is important in whatever you are doing. He will find a way to stay connected with you or make time for you. You can count on him to be there for you wherever you are at. He provides both physical and emotional comfort when you just need that special hug from him after a bad day.
  • He initiates affection. He has a passion and desire to express his love physically by wanting to be close to you romantically. There are times when his actions are more endearing such as kissing your forehead, or snuggling you closer to him.
  • He keeps his word. In the simplest ways, he does what he says he is going to do. No reading between the lines required.

How Do I Know If He Is Still In Love With MeHow Do I Know If He Is Still In Love With Me

How Do I Know If He Is Still In Love With Me?

  1. The way he looks at you. He has a way that he looks at you with a warm, gentle but laser-focused intensity no matter if you are across the room at a party or across from each other. You know exactly what he is thinking. He reserves that look just for you - Only you!
  2. He cherishes you. You are everything in this world that matters to him. He makes sure he shows you everyday. He may still call you by your nickname that he first gave you when you first started dating, or still bring you coffee in bed, or surprise you with flowers, or steal a kiss when you are not looking.
  3. He will always be there for you. No matter what he is going through, he will always be there for you. He may not always be able to be there with you physically but he will do all in his power to take care of you and bring a smile to your face.

Ladies, you all deserve a good man who not only loves you but is “in” love with you. Allow him the opportunity to show you, love you, adore and cherish you. Allow him to step up for you in the way that he knows how. Give him that space to do that while you continue to be your authentic beautiful self. That is the only way to truly see the signs he loves you deeply and if his heart is yours.
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