Advisor Quality
What is the Advisor Quality Program?

Improving your ability to provide high quality service to clients is a core focus of everyone at Kasamba. Therefore, we are excited to officially announce the Advisor Quality Program!

Under the Advisor Quality Program, every department – Marketing, R&D, Customer Service, and Billing – is committed to making Kasamba home to the highest quality advisors in the online psychic industry.

Here is where we see the main focus of cross departmental efforts for the new Advisor Quality Program:

  • Product Enhancements - New product and features focused on increasing your earnings, reducing uncharged sessions and battling fraud.

  • Increased Earning Opportunities - Provide resources to better monitor, track and improve your performance. These resources include Kasamba Messages, awareness of performance metrics, training webinars, templates, and more promotions for the best advisors.

  • Stronger Alignment - Alignment on high quality standards as well as improving clarity on internal policies regarding customer care, charge backs, refunds etc.

Our first program initiative was closing registration to new advisors. The direct outcome is that YOU get more traffic on Kasamba and we can invest all our energy in you.

We will continuously update you on the progress of the Advisor Quality Program, and as always we deeply appreciate your feedback.

The Kasamba Team