Stand Out From The Crowd
Advisor certification allows you to demonstrate your quality and knowledge before the client even starts a reading. Advisors who go through the certification process have proven expertise in each category where they have a profile as well as knowledge about Kasamba so they can maximize the client’s experience on the site.
Advisor certification will allow you to demonstrate your quality and knowledge before the client even starts a reading. Through advisor certification, your business will grow even more because your brand will be associated with the highest quality live readings.
Advisor certification works by testing advisor expertise and familiarity with Kasamba, both how to use Kasamba and also best practices for managing client relationships. The tests are separated into:

1) General Skills
2) Category Expertise
General Skills:
1) Basic Kasamba Site Skills
Basic Kasamba Site Skills focus on:
- How the platform works
- Best practices for working with clients
- Payment processes
Brush up on your knowledge using Kasamba’s Advisor Quality Program and Service Center Articles.
2) English Language Skills
The English Language Skills Test focuses on the ability to comprehend and communicate in English.
3) Email Etiquette Skills
Email Etiquette reviews common best practices for online interactions. Here is a helpful review of proper online etiquette.
Category Expertise (Under Development):
Each category will have a respective certification test to determine subject expertise.
1) Basic Kasamba Site Skills
In which of the following cases does Kasamba remove a rating without the customer’s consent?
  1. Session experienced a technical difficulty
  2. There is clear malicious intent by the customer to rate the expert poorly upon entering the session
  3. The expert kindly requested Kasamba’s Customer Support to remove the rating
  4. A + B
2) English Language Skills
Choose the series of prepositions that best completes the following sentence.
Jeremy drove his motorcycle _____ the bridge, ______ the hill, and _______ the diner before finally parking it _____ two police cars.
  1. beside, among, behind, near
  2. beneath, over, under, on
  3. across, down, past, between
  4. under, around, through, into
3) Email Etiquette Skills
Which of the following is the best explanation of “netiquette”?
  1. Electronic netball practice
  2. An abbreviation for “internet etiquette” or even “ethics on the net”, the correct way to interact in an online setting
  3. Networking expertise, especially when offline.
  4. Online chat-rooms for sophisticated Mac and PC users.
Step by step instructions for completing a certification:
  1. Confirm the following email address ( goes into your inbox and not your spam folder. If you are unsure how to prevent this email address from going to spam, please write to customer service for instructions. Include your preferred email client (Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail etc.) in the mail.
  2. In the body of the email, you will see the test name, a link to the test, and unique PIN ID.
  3. Click on link provided to open the test in a new tab.
  4. Enter the unique PIN into the test pin field and then hit the submit button.
  5. Once you submit the PIN, the test instructions will appear. Read instructions carefully before you begin the test.
  6. After answering all the questions, press ‘Finish’. You will then be directed to the Kasamba website.
  7. After completing the test, you will receive an email within 7 days with your test results as well as any relevant next steps.
You should comply with the following requirements while taking the tests:
  • Don't take a test on behalf of someone else.
  • Don't obtain improper access to the test or any part of the test before you take it by observing someone else take the test, discussing questions or answers with someone else who took the test, looking up test questions or answers online, etc.
  • Don't disclose, publish, reproduce or transmit any part of the tests, in any form, by any means, visual, verbal, or written, for any purpose.
  • Taking screenshots during any test is strictly prohibited.
  • The tests are meant to be taken by a single individual only.
  • Don’t copy questions and/or answers or share them with other test-takers.
Scoring will be on a range from 1-10. The final determination of pass/fail will be determined according to each respective test.

Each test needs to be completed within 3 days of receipt. Following the completion, you will receive an email with more information and next steps.

Advisors who are unable to pass certification may have their account restricted according to certification level.
For any issues relating to the technical aspect of the test or any questions, please contact customer support.