How To Utilize The Messages Feature To Successfully Convert Your Clients?
The messages tool has become popular and is advisors' greatest retention and conversion tool in the last couple of years. We have realized this is a powerful tool that needs to be handled proficiently!
We have made a lot of research in order to help you understand how to best utilize the messages features with your clients, using content and data analysis tools AND advising with some top earning top quality advisors on Kasamba :)

So here’s what we found:
First and foremost, Kasamba is all about creating relationships. This is what the messages tool is all about, just as we get in touch with our family and friends using different messaging apps on our phones. Making sure your clients feel and know you care about them and are thinking of them is essential in building relationships that will last long.

PsychicDebbie, an advisor who recently got back to working and had a sharp rise in her stats stated:
We have a relationship and a bond. I want them to know that I do care about them. I really want them to feel that we have a connection. That I am someone they can talk to about anything.
PsychicDebbie also mentions she refrains from judgement and/or criticism towards her clients, something they might be experiencing from the people around them anywhere else.

Your clients can sense a message that was created with little effort on your end. Do your best to make them feel that you dedicated your thought and heart to the message you sent them!
Copy and pasting a template response is not recommended (using this option with new clients is possible in case you’re fully booked). Make sure your messages are personalized with an added caring touch.

Examples for low converting messages we do not recommend using:
Thanks for your connection, keep in touch or Great talking, Dan.
As mentioned in former articles, using the client’s name and details from the reading you had with them is imperative. When reaching out to clients in a message, be sure to do so, while greeting them and asking how they are doing?
How are you feeling? Has Robby been better with you? Thinking of you. xx

IMMENSE SPARK n AURA, a top ranked advisor on Kasamba says:
I always personalize my message by including my clients’ names and addressing their concerns discussed in the previous chat sessions.
We saw that advisors who ask questions in their messages to clients get a much higher retention rate! Here are a few examples:
Hey hun! How are you today? Did you speak with David? How is he doing? Xoxo
Hey Jess, how are things? Just felt you were discouraged. Sending you good wishes! xx
Send a short recap or answer a question that you missed to cover during the reading with your client.
Sascha White Owl, a rising star on Kasamba recommends:
I like to do a recap of the whole reading. I call it, In a nutshell, or to summarize the longer insights for the clients. That way the thoughts and the reading can be downsized to a singular idea or action for them.
Sascha also recommends giving a short quick insight or update through a message , but not overloading and giving all your answers there.

Knowing you took the time to message your client with substantial ‘content’ as checking in on them, giving them some more information/answers you came up with, and providing further guidance is an inseparable part of building these relationships and gaining your clients trust.

Quantity vs Quality Msgs Examples in the year of 2020

Top left- an advisor who sends high quality msgs vs. lower right- an advisor who focus on quantity over quality
In one of our latest articles we recommended trying to retain clients by offering them “promotions” of your own. These are not actual promotions sent by Kasamba, but a great strategy to offer your clients discounts that you fund, on the one hand complementing clients with a discount on your regular price, and on the other- increasing your retention rates.
You can do this by giving clients a specific code word. The client can use the code word once they go into your chat suite, before the session goes into hire mode (meaning before you type in anything at all). Here’s a great example:
Hi Ella! I hope you are doing well! I wanted to check in with you. I would also like to offer 20% off the next reading with me. Simply type your name first when commencing the chat so I know it's you!! Love&light :)
A top advisor on Kasamba, Spirit Speaks, uses meditation as a tool to create a good solid connection with her clients. She analyzes their situation while meditating, and offers them to hop on a chat later on when she’s available for them. In her words:
I write to clients letting them know that I made a long meditation for them and have made analysis about their situation with their loved ones. I then offer them to get in live chat so I can provide my insights and share the information from my meditation about them.

We can see that advisors who highly utilize the messages feature with their clients by sending high quality messages to their clients are more likely to be top advisors on Kasamba. Top Advisors keep on growing even further and rising stars are moving up the ladder and fast. We recommend sending messages to all or most of your clients, according to your judgement, while using the tips we added here and by learning what works best for you and your clients. Remember- it’s not about the quantity, it’s about the quality!!