How to find LOVE in 2012

Written By Expert SARAH

2012 is the Chinese Year of the Water Dragon. There is a vast opening this year in terms of relationships as this symbol is a perfect balance of Fire and Water, the Male and Female attributes. The desire for deep soul relationships is in the heart of many as we search for this merging of the Divine Male and Female energies in perfect balance and harmony. But our lower Ego Selves with experiences of anxiety and fear can block us from moving into that incredible space of Loving Union and onto our true Soul Path. In the past, it may have felt like there were many blocks to having our greatest desire, but High Frequency Energy Work and insight into the Wisdom of the Soul can enable a flowing into higher alignment, into effortlessness. The higher wisdom is always hidden in the right timing, knowing when to take action and when to step back. When we understand how to harness this higher energy, everything becomes available to us with new awareness. This connects us fully onto our Soul Path and brings an end to the fear domain of the Lower Ego Self that can sometimes block us from obtaining the very connection we desire.

One great but simple technique is to place a hand on your heart and take some deep cleansing breaths, ask to connect with your own inner Male or Female with love. You will send the energy stream right out there to one of your Soul Counterparts. (This works great if you are having challenges in a current relationship.) Whilst in that loving space, write a list of all the attributes you wish to have in another and then slowly begin working on these one by one, manifesting them within yourself. It is one of the purest ways to draw your beloved closer to you as a reflection of your truly beautiful presence. When we are in greater balance with who we are, we also begin to connect to our Soul Purpose and create an abundance of loving joy in all areas of our lives.

Insight into your Soul Path can easily be achieved with me through connecting to the Akashic Records, your Master Guides, and Powerful Energy Work to finally clear any blocks to manifesting an incredible relationship this year. It is what you deserve!

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Ask Cristina!

Dear Cristina,

I've had a very strange love life and I'm now at a loss. When I was 19, I fell in love with my married professor, who was 44. He also had a serious disease. I remained his secret lover for 20 years. I hated that he was married but he made it seem that his health would not survive the stress of rocking the boat. He ended up getting a truly miraculous life-saving operation. I also became very ill and had to have life-saving surgery for a very rare and unexpected problem soon after. So we both survived -- and I believed it was a sign we should be together.

He at first resisted but then came around, it seemed, and started to talk about trying to get out of his marriage. In any event she discovered his affair -- and he promptly shut down, shut me out, and eventually, after much torment on my end, left me once and for all.

It's been a year now and I'm not over him or any of this. I am trying to live my life. I guess I just want to know, do you see happiness in love for me? I so badly want to be madly in love with someone wonderful who will love me back and want to have a real life with me. I feel scared and damaged, so hurt, so angry, so confused.


Blessings Shelley!
It’s okay to grieve the loss of a loved one. Allow yourself to grieve for the relationship. It was not a perfect union, but you did invest time and your heart in it, so you need to grieve. You say the affair has been over for about a year. It is good that you haven’t gotten involved with someone else yet. Dating immediately to work through this grief would have caused you more harm than good. You invested many years into this so it’s almost like losing a spouse. In the end, he made his choice to stay with his wife, and that has been hard to accept after many years of him telling you he loved you. I feel your tears and anger and confusion and know that you’ll get through this and will attract love into your life when you are ready. You may feel you are ready now for someone to come in and love you and yes I’ll agree with that. BUT your vibration is still in grief mode and as long as you are sad and depressed you will attract people who are sad and depressed too. So before you start looking for love you should perhaps go back and look at the benefits of this affair ending. Focus on what is good in your life now. There are many things to be grateful for as you can attest with the miraculous recovery of your illness. You have people around who care about you, and you have your talents. Love is coming to you, just give yourself a little more time to heal. Also ask yourself how you would have felt if you were the wife of a cheating husband. She got the worse end of the stick and you, you are free, free to attract someone who sees your true worth.
My prayers for your happiness are with you today! God bless.

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