The Mayan Calendar: Is December 21, 2012
the End or an Opportunity for a
New Beginning?

Written By Expert Aswynn Willowroot

Crouched in fear and huddled in makeshift shelters, the people began their all-night vigil, fervently praying to be spared from an unseen yet inevitable apocalyptic scourge which most certainly would culminate in the end of time itself.

No, this isn't an excerpt from the National Geographic reality series, "Doomsday Preppers."

It is instead a description of New Year's Eve in the year 999. Christians had been anxiously awaiting planetary Armageddon since the death of Christ and Medieval millennialism spurred ongoing fears that an epic final battle between the Antichrist and the Messiah was soon at hand.

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"By 999 strange omens had started to fill the sky…empires collapsed as famine, disease and political chaos and religious fervor swept the globe. To many it seemed as if the world was coming to an end,” writes Michael Staunton of

But the world didn't end at dawn in the year 1,000. Nor will it end at the height of the Winter Solstice on December 21, 2012 -- more commonly known as the fated "last day" inscribed on the Mayan Long Count Calendar.

While popular culture, Hollywood and doomsday profiteers seem more than willing to espouse that "the end is nigh," it is important to distinguish fact from fiction.

David Stuart, professor of Mesoamerican art and writing at the University of Texas at Austin, whose early work and decipherment of Maya hieroglyphs led to his MacArthur Fellowship or "genius grant" in 1984 has long said the world has misinterpreted the Mayan Calendar.

"There is a date this year -- in the year 2012 -- in late December, which will see the turn of a cycle… it's a significant point in the ancient Maya calendar. Now, did the Maya ever say anything about this date? Did they ever predict anything? No -- absolutely not," Stuart said in an interview with

Furthermore, inscriptions found in a Mayan temple located in Chiapas, Mexico, mention events set to occur far into the future, in the year 4772.

"The Maya calendar not only doesn't end, but it keeps going for eons and eons beyond 2012. If you look at the real structure of the calendar, it's almost endless. It goes well beyond the end of our universe and our kind of scientific cosmology," Stuart continued.

But why do apocalyptic fears surrounding December 21, 2012 still persist even in the face of scholarly evidence to the contrary?

The simple answer is fear can be monetized. Movie tickets, multiple cans of tuna fish and survivalist training packages sell far better than "boring" rational arguments.

And while fear does make money, it also diverts attention away from the important planetary challenges which recently have become too large to further ignore.

But mankind still has time.

The close of 2012 could be heralded not as "the end" but marked instead as the beginning -- the start of a profound change in the direction of the planet and humanity's collective fate. So stop worrying, and start making plans for a fantastic future!

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Hi Cristina,

I just want know if I will be getting work anytime soon. I have my 3-year-old granddaughter who only has me to care for her. Will I be able to be here for her? Thank you.

Sad grandma --Tania R

Blessings dear Tania and thank you for allowing me to do a reading for you today. Don't be fearful. Don't be worried. Look back and see who you really are. I see you a woman of talent, strength and faith. You've come through a multitude of hardships in your life. And you've survived each and every challenge that has come before you. You will be getting work soon if you haven't already because I see your value and what you contribute to any company you choose to work with. You have a natural gift for problem solving, for quickly looking at a problem and providing a solution. You have a gift for doing many things at the same time, so you are very multi-tasked. See your strength always and the job will come to you. Remember who you are and what you contribute to the world as a light, and what you give to your dear granddaughter.

This child is with you because you are the best person to raise her and the one who will help her survive in this world. Because of you she will be educated and wise, and will not go down the same path as her parents. This child is a joy of your heart, your purpose and because of her, your health and everything else will get better. Don't be sad -- instead, change your mind and put yourself into a state of gratitude. What you have right now, from what I see, are blessings and little bits of joy in each day of your life right now. I see family hardships and conflicts have brought you down in spirit and even in health. But you will survive and overcome as you always do. You already made it through the worst and the best is yet to come. Stay faithful and meditate seeing the job coming to you! Focus on the good things you have now and more will come. I see a new job by mid-Jan if not sooner. God bless you and your family, my prayers for your happiness and success are with you.

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