You Survived 2012, But Did You
Survive Valentine's Day 2013?

Written By Expert Rhiannon Paille

We've really had one heck of a hand dealt to us in this lifetime. Not only have we seen the turn of a century, but we've had to live through two almost-apocalypses! While the naysayers will say it's all superstition, we've narrowly survived the much feared 12.21.2012 end of the world, as predicted by the Mayans.

But what's next? Sure, the world didn't seem to change much after the predetermined end of the calendar. Life continued as though nothing had ever been predicted. But for those of you more sensitive folks, there was definitely a shift in energies, that feeling of abandonment, as though from here on out we're on our own. The silver lining is that we have a clean slate, all the struggles since the latest economic crash in 2008 are behind us and we're plowing towards the future with optimism and hope.

So what did the first Valentine's Day since our impending doom have in store for you? The planetary energies showed an increase of Pisces and Aquarius energy, leaving even the most levelheaded folks in the mood to express their dreams and desires. If you were on the receiving end of a heartfelt soul outpouring, don't think you were the only one. It was definitely a week and weekend for people to declare their love from the rooftops, consequences be damned.

Isn't it always the Fool who rushes into a situation, jumping off a cliff into the unknown? Getting a new lease on life gave many of us the push we needed to

put away the pride, fear and judgments of those around us to just say what we feel. This energy worked particularly well for those who had been desperate to end the silence between themselves and a loved one, but for those who were hit with Cupid's arrow and simply declared their love to their best friend, or that colleague at work, this had disaster written all over it.

So, because we can't all have the fairytale ending we were hoping for, here are some tips for what to do now that Valentine's Day is over and the world somewhat resembles the post-apocalyptic wasteland of The Walking Dead (TV Series).

After Valentine's Day Do's and Do Not's:

Nice things “Just because”
Say “I love you” and other flirty things
Ask out the person you're not with
Keep your promises
Invite your s/o to group events

Do Not's:
Talk about the things that went wrong
Declare your love for someone you're not with
Buy Valentine's Day gifts from the 50% off rack
Promise them next year will be better
Ditch your s/o for your friends

Ask Cristina!

Dear Cristina,

Hello, my name is Alex. I live in Chicago IL. I married a woman who I thought was my soul mate. Yep I married her twice and we're still married now but separated... I survived but I lost everything. I'm a hard worker -- writer, drummer, and arranger. I worked a 9 to 5. My soon to be ex-wife put me out more than once and destroyed my truck and had caused me bodily harm. I could have pressed charges, struck back. But I will never hit a woman, and I got away from her. My situation needs to change there any change for me? I'm at place where I have peace of mind. I just need to be able to have balance between my passion for music and practical means of income to get back on my path. Thank you in advance.

Blessings to you, Alex.

Out of all this you have a lot of positive things coming out. The first -- having peace of mind -- is key to getting your life back on track. It's obvious in your reading that you and Stacy share past lives. Your karmic connection is strong, which is why you married each other twice. There is love between you but also resentment. She always felt you should give up your passion and get a career that would bring more income into the home and although she always believed in you she felt she had to carry many things alone. Your souls are working these out in this lifetime to bring you both to a higher soul level and evolve. Even though you are separated I feel it's not over between you. She keeps hoping somehow that you will make a better living or be more responsible.

The rage between you is rather normal being that you are both very angry at each other. She is angry at you, actually enraged that you cannot change. And you shouldn't have to change, she has to accept you and love you as you are and she finds that difficult and frustrating to do. Yet there are times she feels she can't live without you, that without the romance you provide she feels empty and no one else can fill that spot the way you do. You are angry at her because she doesn't get it -- that you are following your soul's purpose. It is best at this time that you are separated since violence has started to come up in the relationship and you both need to cool off and come to terms with what is and to accept it.

As far as work goes I see work for you, but once again it will be hard to make a living with music alone. Too bad we are still in a material world where money is a requirement to live but it is what it is. I do see a good balance with your passion and income. You are far from lazy and always find a way to make some money, whether it involves music or not. You are resourceful. You'll be okay. As far as you and your wife, it's not quite over yet. You still are working on accepting each other. You may not remarry again but you will find peace with each other.

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