Soul Mates and Twin Flames:
What Makes Them so Unique?

Written By Expert Pat the Angels Messenger

We all have heard of soul mates and soul mate relationships. People in fact tend to use the term quite loosely, generalizing its meaning to express someone who you can feel very identified with, connected to or deeply in love with. All of those CAN be descriptions for a soul mate relationship; however, not everyone we might feel these feelings for is a soul mate. By the same token, we do not fall in love with or even feel very identified with every soul mate. At times a soul mate from other lifetimes can come to this one as a family member or close friend and not as a romantic partner.

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But let's go back to the subject of soul mate relationships and the potential romantic partner who may be a soul mate. What is a soul mate? First of all, how can we distinguish a soul mate from an average flirtation or romance? And even more importantly, what is the difference between a soul mate and a twin flame?

I will start with the rarest find, which is a twin flame. As the very name indicates, a twin flame is basically a very unique situation because there is ONLY ONE created twin flame for each and every one of us. In fact there is only ONE other half of us, a division of our original cell, which was separated from us right after we were created. This other half doesn't meet us in every single lifetime. In fact, even when they do, they don't always come as a potential romantic partner, or someone we will fall in love with and be in partnership with. It is a very rare occasion when we meet our twin soul and that twin soul is sent to our lives as someone we will feel attracted to and romantically attached, someone destined to provoke our deepest feelings of love and attraction. When that happens, we call it a twin flame. It is the reincarnation of our other half in this lifetime, in the shape of an irresistible romantic interest that we can't help falling in love with and love till death do us apart. Whether we will give in to that intense and often passionate love, or let our own fears or egos get in the way.... that is another story.

Soul mates are also special people, people we met in other lives and that we have soul contracts with. Some of these contracts may require to be filled within a romantic situation; others might entail a different type of relationship, as the one between brothers and sisters, for example. Basically, we could say, the difference between twin flames and soul mates is, with soul mates there can be more than one in a lifetime. And even though it still is a rare gift, not to be taken for granted, to encounter a soul mate in the role of a romantic partner may happen in most of our lifetimes. However, a twin flame is so rare, such a unique and irreplaceable situation, it would be a tragedy if it were to go unnoticed. However, even though most people may not know the reason for its intensity and uniqueness, it is not likely that such passion would go unnoticed!

How do we recognize a soul mate or a twin flame? Intensity of passionate feelings is one very concrete and unique way we feel when we are with our twin flame. With soul mates we will also feel a particularly deep connection. At times is so fine-tuned that we communicate with them even telepathically! They read our minds and we seem to be able to read theirs or even anticipate events when they are about to happen. In general terms, we can tell when we are with a soul mate when there is something (not always the same for everyone) that is a very STRONG and define high compatibility between us and our soul mates in a particular respect. Sometimes it could be sexually, a very powerful chemistry, for example, that we had never felt or would be likely to feel with other potential partners. Other times it could be a very close intellectual compatibility and sharing similar passions and traits. Other times it is a big sense of connection and compatibility even when we are so dissimilar, that nevertheless we find ourselves compatible; a perfect fit. Some of the time, and on a very lucky strike, it's a combination of several of those with the same person.

Another way to recognize a soul mate relationship or potential partner is the fact that usually soul mate relationships (and twin flames especially) come attached to a challenge -- a necessary lesson to learn or to overcome in this lifetime that requires the motivation that being with such a special partner in such a potentially deeply fulfilling and ecstatic relationship. After all, we have been waiting, unknowingly, for lifetimes in order to reunite with our twin flame again; lifetimes of missing and yearning for such a perfect union and joy in love, spiritually and physically, with the blueprint of our twin souls. However, there is no guarantee of the success of our love story, as we decide if we want to embrace the challenge or not, we decide if we want to choose love or fear, love or ego, satisfaction or self-punishment. Yet in spite of our choices, our heart will continue to bring us back over and over to our twin flame because there is no fooling our souls. Whether we are conscious of it or not, such a relationship unrealized, such a love unfulfilled, is not something our spirits will ignore.... That is another way to recognize these kind of unique lovers, if they appear and we try to ignore their challenge, and we cannot easily move on -- the universe keeps bringing them back to us. Then is up to us to live in love or in fear; in sadness or in joy.

How do we succeed in that? What is the challenge and how can you make it work? I will talk about that more on my next article on soul mate and twin flames relationships. Until then, if you want to know more or to deal with a similar situation, I can help you understand what you are dealing with, so feel free to contact me at my virtual office through LivePerson. With the help of the romance angels and Archangel Michael, my guide and protector, I am there for you and send you now a romance angel and all my love!

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Ask Cristina!

Hi Cristina,

I love reading your column and love your energy. I enjoy life and make the most of it but I have had such bad luck in relationships and love throughout 40-odd years of my life and just wondered if it will improve! I am grateful for everything I have in life and do not wallow in self-pity but I have also just lost my job recently and keep wondering if things will get better for me. Thanks a lot. --Eve L .

Blessings Eve

Thank you, Eve, for reading the column. That is always very appreciated! You are not desperate as I see you are grateful for the love you have in your life as it has been a blessing. You are an optimistic person so people tend to gravitate towards you. You may find yourself in line at the grocery store and the next person in line says hello and the next thing they are telling you their life's story and that is because you are so open and kind and compassionate towards other people. You have not been entirely unlucky in love because you have given love so freely. It's just that those who were not as open as yourself or as clear didn't understand who you were and how you lift them up. They didn't have an appreciation for who you are as a person and what you contribute to their lives or the world. And even though that's not entirely okay, you tend to heal from wounds of your heart and you pick up the pieces and start again.

There has been a recent disappointment for you. Perhaps someone you cared about didn't show you love in the way you had hoped and this has brought you to a feeling that maybe love is not in the cards or stars for you. But that will change this year as you release it all and start again yet one more time. There is someone for you, you just haven't met yet.

As far as work goes, well the good news is you are extremely talented, you aren't afraid of much and you can take control of your own destiny or write your own ticket when it comes to career issues. Right now it's more about "rest" time, time to relax a bit. Sure, I know you are a bit stressed with no job, but I also see time is needed to regroup and re-strategize. Remember that throughout your career you have directly or indirectly made a lot of money for a boss. You will do that again and can even do that now if you chose to start a business. Nevertheless I see you getting a job and rather quickly. So enjoy this bit of down time you have now. I see you enjoying this time in light and gratitude and just having a bit of fun for a change. You are always so busy you may feel a bit guilty about enjoying your life... but enjoy it anyway. All you really have is the present moment so celebrate that. Goddess blessings to you Eve. Namaste.

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