You Want Your Soul Mate Relationship
to Succeed -- Here's How!

Written By Expert Pat the Angels Messenger

What's the best way to deal with a soul mate relationship issue? How can you maximize your relationship's chance of success? Well, there are three main ingredients to compose this delicious recipe, and they are as follows:

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First, treat it as you would any other love relationship. You want it to work at its highest potential and full capacity, to fulfill your needs and desire and to be loved and happy. This of course should be the main and final goal of any love relationship if you want it to work out. Open your heart to let your love flow out and listen to your heart.

Second, follow your intuition but also make sure that you are dedicating your time and energy to someone who values you and is ready to respect you and love you the way you deserve. This is not only essential for your life and wellbeing in any type of relationship but a big part of the very essence and goal of soul mate relationships, and particularly with twin flames as well. It is the very goal of love -- and particularly of spiritually connected relationships -- to inspire, motivate, and challenge the partner to achieve their spiritual missions and growth.

There is a lot said and written about soul mates and all the different reasons that motivate soul mates to be together, with some even not so positive, and at times downright chaotic, probable outcomes.

All of it valid to a degree since at times they may prove to be too challenging for the very young and inexperienced. This goes doubly since we live in a society that always craves more, quicker, and easier. However, as probabilities go, it is unrealistic, uninspiringly depressing, and at times even disempowering to just sit back and blindly rely on the power of the innate soul mate connection, while taking a backseat from life. Don't simply sit there and brood while your desired living experience and possible happiness disastrously and irremediably passes by or simply evaporates.

Last, to the rescue comes YOUR OWN POWER. Along with that of your loved one, your own love and willpower can and does create miracles, which range from simple daily miracles of expressed love and felt happiness to creating a life of abundance and joy. And when I speak of abundance I am not referring to the "American Dream," the house and the 4x4, but abundance of joyful feelings, and the support system you need close by to emotionally feel happy, safe and fulfilled. This is what is going to make your relationship last and work in the end..

I am a firm believer in CREATIONISM when it comes to your own life and what your heart truly wants and desires. I believe it in my own life and so in my readings as well. It is how I help my clients achieve what they want and need to be happy!.

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Ask Cristina!

Dear Cristina,

Lately I have been having a string of bad luck, and seem to be attracting negative energy. No matter what I try, somehow I just cannot seem to get it right. My financial situation is especially worse and actually gives me sleepless nights. I believe that things will get better, but somehow have a feeling that they may actually get far worse before they get better. I just hope I have enough strength in me to withstand all these challenges, for both my own sake and my sons' sake. What do you see for me? -- Zanele

Blessings to you, Zanele.

Thank you for allowing me to answer your question in this column. First you need to know that I see a tremendous amount of courage in your soul. You've taken on a lot of responsibilities in your life and have suffered some deep disappointments. Things that have happened in the past have been somewhat traumatic, and therefore you are now stuck in a cycle of negative energy. Being stuck in a negative cycle is something hard to break from and right now you feel there is no real solution to your problems. However, because of your courage and strength you manage to deal with life on a day by day basis. Yet what keeps you down is the "outcome" of what MIGHT be, not what CAN be or will be.

You have to know that things are going to work out for you and that you'll always have enough. Every time you think a negative thought, visualize your best life, visualize what you really want, and stick to that vision rather than the negative one that is constantly conjured up. You may say, "Well, I've tried all that and it doesn't work." It does. You have to keep doing it, consciously, all the time. Know now, and see as I see that you'll remain courageous and strong for your son who is a blessing to you and you to him. You are already grateful for many things, and gratitude is what starts to break the chains of negative energy that surround you.

Breaking your negative cycle is key to getting through your days and bringing more abundance into your life. Write down what you are grateful for and you'll start to see the chains breaking away. Another exercise to break these chains of negative energy and burden is to feel the spaciousness in your body. Just close your eyes and try to feel your body from within. See your brain, your heart and lungs, your feet; feel it all and realize it's all space, all water. You are made of stardust and water therefore you are a part of the whole spacious universe. You will be surprised at the spaciousness of your body. It feels like a lot of empty space with a few sensations here and there. This inner body realization will free up any stored negative energy. After a few moments of inner body realization you will feel light and at ease.

The divine that is inside you is perfect. You are perfection and you will start to realize that more and more in the coming days. And you'll be able to deal with your challenges in a better place. God/Goddess blessings to you and your family, my prayers for your happiness and success are with you.

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