Autumn Equinox: Myths, Meanings, Affirmations and Energies!

Written By Expert Psychic Andi

Fall is upon us if you are in the Northern Hemisphere; spring if you're in the Southern, and that means the Equinox is here! This is a time of balance as day and night are approximately the same length. For the Fall Equinox we have appreciation for what we've been able to accomplish, but also come to know our limits and what we need to let go of. With the Spring Equinox there is an awakening to manifest our deepest goals, how we can nourish our souls, and leaving behind any doubts!

The Persephone myth is associated with the Fall Equinox she descends to the underworld to begin her time as queen and leaves her mother Demeter, goddess of the bountiful harvest; which is why the Earth becomes barren as Demeter is heartbroken at the loss of her daughter. At the Spring Equinox, Persephone emerges from the underworld and Demeter rejoices and renews the growth of the Earth. These energies that we feel at the changing of the seasons have been prevalent throughout time as our ancestors learned to live from the land in a more physical sense. While in this day and age we don't necessarily tend to the land, we do need to support our emotional wellbeing! We can see the cycle of the seasons throughout our lives. The vitality of spring can be the excitement at the beginning of a new relationship or career path. Into summer the feeling of wanting more enthusiasm, a sense of achievements and pushing forward! Fall lets us see how far we've been able to come and what needs to be sustained. And when winter comes we allow ourselves some time to reflect and regain our resources for the new opportunities to come about with spring!

If you are experiencing the energy of the Fall Equinox you may want to take a moment to see where you are in the hustle and bustle and where you need to cut yourself a little slack! Don't sell yourself short in your accomplishments and give yourself permission to let go of what's keeping you from finding a balance of work and fun! With the energy of the Spring Equinox this may be a great time to make a list of new ideas you wish to pursue. You can fully embrace your goals and let nothing stand in your way!

With both of the Equinoxes; if you meditate you'll want to put your attention to where you wish to bring about change. Both by acknowledging the struggles, but also by reinforcing your strengths! You may want to start incorporating affirmations to help keep yourself balanced in your focus. Here are a few that may help!

Personal Affirmations:

• I choose my happiness and eliminate negative thoughts that keep me from my goals.

• I am always taken care of.

• My body and mind are happy and healthy.

Prosperity Affirmations:

• I am thankful for the increase of my finances.

• I have more clients/projects/contracts than what is needed coming my way.

• My work is deeply fulfilling and I am grateful for my contribution.

Love Affirmations:

• I am open to giving and receiving love.

• I will share my love of life with others.

• The love I have been looking for has been present all along.

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Ask Cristina!

Hello Cristina,

There is a gentleman who has been in and out of my life for the last five + years. With him I feel a very unique connection and I believe that he feels it as well. At first I thought that his role was to help me face some of my emotional issues and patterns, learned from a difficult/traumatic childhood, that no longer serve me well. I know that I have been instrumental in his life as well. I feel that we have now reached an important juncture, but I am confused as to what to do next. Is our work completed or is there something that I am not seeing? Thanks for your help.


Blessings, Angela!

I see a soul connection with this gentleman and that his purpose in your life was to bring you out of the past and into the present and future. I see the affection between you, but his feelings for you are not the same as you would hope. He has been a teacher to you and you have been one to him as well. Your soul’s purpose in each other’s lives was to learn from each other.

His affection for you flows in a way of appreciation for what you’ve taught him. You’ve helped him raise his own intuition, his communication skills, and his wisdom. For that I can see the strong affection he has for you. But it’s not what you want. I see you wanting more than an affectionate friendship. And after five years he is not going to make the moves to make that happen.

When a man is truly in love with a woman, he moves mountains to be with her, there are no obstacles. He calls, he introduces you to family, he makes a way to be with you as much as possible. This gentleman you mention has no intentions of taking this relationship further than what it is. The work is done.

You have both learned and reached the pentacle you had to reach in this lifetime, that was the purpose of your meeting to get where you are today. There is nothing left but to move forward and keep learning and growing with another whom you are destined to meet.

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