Psychic Spotlight of the Week : Psychic Medium Michelle

professional background

How long have you been an advisor on Kasamba?

I have been with Kasamba since 2011.

What is your area(s) of expertise?

I specialize in relationship/love Readings, psychic readings, medium readings, remote viewings, and medical intuitive readings.

How did you discover you have special talents?

The gift began flourishing on the heels of an especially tough time in life that forced me to go inward and call upon my higher self. It was at this time that I began to see, hear and just know things with great accuracy that I could not possibly have known would occur, yet did.

Did someone or something help you focus on special talents? If so, who or what?

I am a natural born intuitive and a second-generation psychic. I have formal training in psychic reading through the Chico Psychic Institute and Reno Psychic Institute. I completed an intense mediumship schooling under the guidance of well-known medium, Michele Fletcher, and am a graduate of Mystic Shift Mediumship Program. I underwent special training to become an accomplished remote viewer with the assistance of internationally known Dr. Paul H. Smith, who was a remote viewer assigned to the U.S. government psychic espionage unit known as the Stargate Program. I feel honored to have Dr. Smith as an ongoing mentor in this area. I also work and train with the globally recognized spiritualist, Deborah King, integrating LifeForce Coaching techniques into my own programs.

When did you feel the strongest spiritual connection?

I am in the most heightened spiritual states in a psychic or mediumship session, during a controlled remote viewing task, in meditation and at peak moments in dance and athletic endeavors.

personal information

What is your life motto?

In the words of Ghandi, “You must be the change you wish to see in the world.”

Do you have any pets? If so what kind(s)?

While a probation officer, I worked tirelessly to implement the first ever K9 Narcotic Drug Detection Program at our department. The K9 Program was one of five assigned to a probation department in the state of California. (There were approximately 60 departments in the state at that time). The opportunity to work as Narcotic Drug K9 Handler during this same period nourished my love of the animal spirit. I cherished the relationship with my canine partner, Kilo; a powerful connection, untouchable by spoken words.

What is your biggest fear?

There is nothing to fear and so I have not one.

What is your greatest achievement?

I have been blessed with many wonderful achievements, the most notable of which would be a career as a professional cyclist. I marvel at this unforgettable and rich experience during which time I had the opportunity to race with top ranked US professional cycling teams as well as race internationally in Europe. In 2005, I had the honor of racing at the Giro Italia in Italy, the most prestigious international race for professional women ranks. The 10 day stage race was grueling and one of the most physically demanding and exhausting endeavors I have ever been a part of. During my career, I received two invitations to the U.S. National Development Team Camp at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, Colorado. I find that much of the clairvoyant information I receive is about nutrition, health and fitness and I credit my professional athletic career for this gift of medical intuitiveness that I now share with clients. I came away from this cycling experience having learned many things, but most important I came to realize that in the end, we’re not competing against other cyclists; ultimately, we are competing against ourselves. I am convinced I ask more of myself than anyone could ever ask of me. I believe that health and nutritional balance promote vitality and have helped shape my successes, and, at times, even my seeming failures. I am certain that the developed awareness of my physical body through sport has heightened my clairsentient abilities.

What country were you born in?


What country do you live in now?


Who was your role model growing up and why?

I was always very fond of those spiritualists who paved the way before me. They were clearly far before their time and their courage was a gift to those of us on their heels continuing to do good work and raise the consciousness of the planet. I am particularly drawn to the work of Edgar Cayce and Abraham (Jerry and Esther Hicks).

If you could take your dream vacation, where would you go and what would you do?

I would promptly travel to Africa and see the brilliance of the animals of the Serengeti with my own two eyes.

What is your favorite color?


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