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Featured at Forbes, USA Today, OK Magazine, Hay House and many others, I'm here to uncover your potential, giving you guidance and insight regarding your past, present and future. Other Specialties  
About My Services


I don't use tools, nor do I require birthday or any advance information. I merely need your first name. I will take a moment to state a prayer and create a high vibration space as we begin. I work with your higher self, your Guides and the Universal knowing (Matrix, Akashic Records) to receive messages.

I work quickly and will provide you as much information as possible and in as little time as possible. You will find you are often more of a listener in a session with me as I offer all I am shown. The psychic information I receive comes to me in images, sounds and feelings. Your loved ones on the Other Side may also come forward in a session to bring you guidance and insight.

Here are some things you will receive in a session together:

  1. A clear perspective of what's ahead regarding love, career, relationship, finances and more.
  2. Your best next steps.
  3. Insight regarding your past, present and future.
  4. Details, facts, times, dates and specific information regarding any aspect of your life.
  5. We can read your soul purpose, life calling and/or life blueprint as a means of guidance.
  6. If you are feeling stuck, confused or are navigating an obstacle, we'll receive insight into solutions.

Experience & Qualifications

Michelle is a renowned Psychic Medium and Intuitive Life Coach with a wealth of accolades to her name. She's devoted to the mission of empowering individuals to awaken their inner wisdom, transform their lives, and realize their fullest potential. Offering a range of psychic readings, remote viewing courses, and intensive psychic development programs, Michelle brings a personal touch to her work, providing 1:1 support to help her clients uncover their true life path. Her approach goes beyond conventional methods; she believes in the inherent psychic potential within everyone and provides the tools and resources needed for personal growth, spiritual transformation, and purposeful living. With a growing library of books, downloadable meditations, and mini-sessions, Michelle is committed to making spiritual growth accessible and enriching. She also offers an acclaimed Remote Viewing course that unveils the mystery of the past, present, and future. Known for the depth of her readings and her ability to provide clarity in life's complex situations, Michelle has won the trust and admiration of her clients. Discover the path to your soul's purpose with Michelle's insightful guidance.  

Michelle's influence extends beyond her direct clientele through her numerous media appearances and publications. She has been featured on top-rated podcasts, radio shows, and TV programs, sharing her unique insights and psychic expertise with a broader audience. Her appearances include Forbes, USA Today, L.A. Times, ABC News, affiliates of CBS Radio, Fox News, Entertainment Tonight and Hay House Radio. In addition to her media engagements, Michelle is a published author. Her highly acclaimed book, "Take the Leap: What It Really Means to Be Psychic," serves as a go-to guide for individuals embracing their psychic abilities. Besides, Michelle hosts her own popular psychic development podcast, where she delves into an array of intuitive topics, helping listeners tap into and hone their unique intuitive abilities. 

Michelle's clients offer glowing testimonials, reflecting their positive experiences and the profound impact her readings have had on their lives. Many attest to her remarkable intuitive ability, accuracy, and genuine empathy, stating that her readings have offered clarity and guidance during challenging times. Clients often refer to a sense of tranquility and direction after a session with Michelle, highlighting her exceptional skills in spiritual counseling. They also commend her insightful podcast and book, stating that they serve as valuable resources for personal growth and understanding of psychic abilities. Her clients' testimonials and their continued loyalty are a testament to Michelle's credibility and expertise as a psychic medium. 


Bachelor of Science Degree, Political Science