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Honor your connection with your pet

It’s National Pet Week! Show your pet how much you care by giving them a delicious treat, a warm hug, and more importantly, by learning to form an extra special bond. Develop a deep psychic connection with your pet with tips from one of our best pet psychics.

Forming a Psychic Connection with Your Pet

I know without doubt that all pet owners are thankful to own (or be owned by!) their pet. Whether it is a dog, cat, bird or more exotic pet, they all enrich our lives with unconditional love and affection.

My Picasso, for example, is a big spotted rescue cat. Being a rescue means he has some special needs. It isn’t always easy for him to relax and trust his environment. To help get him calm, comfortable and feel loved, I physically and psychically connect with him every day.

Our psychic connection soothes him and makes him feel more comfortable. The good news is, pet communication is something everyone can learn, especially when it comes to forming a psychic connection with your own pet. You might be doing it right now and not even realize it.

First things first: how to connect with your pet

The first thing to understand is that animals connect on an empathetic level. They feel more than they can mentally process. The energy of love, affection and kindness is something every being feels and responds to. So too does your pet. Conversely, pets also react to anger and chaos, so it is important to keep your home and your energies clear.

Remember with pets, accidents happen. Have a big heart and forgive them immediately; they love you and just want to please you. Everyone makes mistakes. Or, they might be trying to communicate some need or want by behaving badly. Listen and do the exercise below. Soon you’ll be conversing psychically with your pet!

Your pet is smart; it’s just that they communicate differently. They may understand a few words, but you will need to connect with them through images and feelings. Before you begin, please remember that it is very important to approach your pet with positive intentions and energy.


Putting it into practice: How to communicate with your pet

To establish and nurture your psychic connection with your pet, lay or sit down with your pet. Relax through deep breathing and do your best to be calm. Stroke your pet gently envisioning your hands warm, emanating the vibrations of love and healing from your palms.

As you relax and tune into his being, you’ll find the gentle and somewhat fast beating of your pet’s heart. Feel for it under his fur/hair. Listen to it beat against your palm. Note how it slows down under your loving touch. How your pet’s muscles relax. With each stroke, feel the warmth gently moving from your hands into your pet.

Softly speak to your pet and say how you feel about them.
How thankful you are for their attributes.

Next, and this takes a little practice: Envision an object or objective, and silently say the word in your head. For example, envision your pet’s favorite treat or toy, and repeat its name in your mind. Do this telepathic exercise intently for about a minute, then get up and show your pet the treat or favorite toy you envisioned. Soon your pet will make the connection! Don’t be discouraged if it doesn’t work the first several times.

Once your pet makes the connection, you’ll find them getting excited about getting a treat or their favorite toy. Make a game of it and change it up a bit. My cat Picasso’s favorite things is “bed.” I project a picture of the bed and he runs up the hallway knowing he’s going to get to snuggle in my arms and get loved up.

I’d like to add that Picasso has gotten so good at this game that he will look directly in my eyes and the word “treat” will pop into my head. Or he’ll sit at the end of the hallway and thump his tail in a special way to get my attention. He came up with this signal over time and I know it tells me he wants to share our bed for some snuggles.

When you start getting mental images from your pet and even words, that’s when you know you’ve created a strong bond with your pet.

Contributing Advisor: Susan Speaks With Spirit