Are Clairsentients Real?

Stephanie Theresa
30+ Years Of Experience / Reading style - Honest / Channeling
30+ Years Of Experience / Reading style - Honest / Channeling

Are Clairsentients Real? Are Clairsentients Real?
Yes there are many people in the world who experience Clairsentience. Some of these people are much more aware of being Clairsentient. For others they may be much less aware and can think of themselves as extremely sensitive, or may have been told they are "overreacting". For those people, being Clairsentient can present really big challenges. They may feel excessively drained and emotional without understanding why, as there is more likelihood of them absorbing and holding onto other peoples feelings and energetic imprints. Frequent grounding can really assist in releasing it all.

Are Clairsentients Real? Are Clairsentients Real?

What Exactly is a Clairsentient?

The literal meaning of the word Clairsentient is “Clear Feeling“. Each person who is Clairsentient will experience that in a slightly different way, after all every one of us is unique. No two “feeling experiences“ are going to be the same.

When I experience Clairsentience it can be like stepping into another person’s physical energy and a flood of sensations of feelings and thoughts can all be experienced in a split second. At the same time I am automatically “filtering“ or “translating“ those thoughts and feeling sensations into words. Sometimes the rush of energy, thoughts, feelings, and images can feel incredibly overwhelming when they all come at once, that it can take a minute to catch my breath and make sense of it all.

When being called upon to assist clients with their concerns and questions this ability can be very useful to view and interpret another’s feelings and behaviours and help clients understand what to expect, or why a person may be behaving in a certain way. Keeping my own energy clear and healthy is vitally important in this process, together with remaining grounded and having clear and strong boundaries. This ensures that I do not take on another’s energy or feelings in any lasting way and I am able to release it.

Are Clairsentients Real? Are Clairsentients Real?

Where Does Clairsentience Come From?

There are many theories that have been put forward over the years, but there is no way to know for sure, or why some people experience a much more heightened sense of Clairsentience than others. Research is always ongoing into energy and how we sense, perceive and experience the world and the people in it. I am sure one day there will be a more scientific explanation for where Clairsentience originates.

One of the theories that I believe has some merit is one related closely to the beginning of the civilisation of people. Before language was developed as we know it now, feelings and sensations were what guided people through their day. This would have been a vital skill, to be able to sense predators, danger, food sources, weather changes, anything really. Without the modern equipment we have today, ancient civilisations would have needed to find their way around. That is where sense and feeling of all living things and atmosphere came in as a necessity for them to survive.

Did you know, certain stages of meditation can bring on a heightened sense of awareness of the world around us? Every single noise may be heard and every single sensation may be felt. This is because whilst in meditation we can bypass the busy-ness of life and fully connect with our senses, allowing us to tap into the world around us with much greater ease. This is not unlike Clairsentience.

Are Clairsentients Real? Are Clairsentients Real?

All those many years ago, when people had to rely on only their senses and each other, I believe that Clairsentience was a way of life. It is similar to telepathy in some ways, as being able to “communicate“ with one another without words and “feel“ what another may be feeling even across vast distances.

In the current era of the digital age we have technology, which has replaced much of the more ancient ways of experiencing life, each-other and the world around us. Technology of course has its place. However, a machine is not yet able to feel and interpret emotions and the subtle nuances behind our thoughts. A short text message is a simple example of technology, where some messages that we send or receive can be very hard to discern the true meaning of, as they are simply words on a screen.

Clairsentience is still as vital a skill today, as it may have been to those first civilisations. It is certainly vital in assisting to understand the complexities of the human psyche and the emotional aspects. Clairsentience is like any other skill, it needs understanding, practicing and nurturing. One who is very familiar with their Clairsentient ability and willing to work with it to assist others can be a very helpful guide. Especially in today's fast paced world, where we are constantly experiencing many more sights, sounds and technological aspects.

Are Clairsentients Real? Are Clairsentients Real?

All of that stimulus can create a hyper vigilance, a state of low grade anxiety which the individual becomes unaware overtime as it becomes a more regular response to the world around them. In that situation, the ability to see, feel, and think clearly can feel much more challenging. It can even cause one to feel confused as they try to filter and process their observations, thoughts and feelings, especially when those concern another person or group of people.

Personal relationships, of any kind, whether it is romantic relationships, friendships, or interactions with work colleagues, can all start to feel a little overwhelming in the modern times we are living in now.

Are Clairsentients Real? Are Clairsentients Real?

An experienced Clairsentient can really help you to understand some of the behaviours of others. Thus, by understanding those behaviours you can gain much more clarity and much less confusion. Clearer thinking in yourself will assist in more discernment, more reason and balance when making decisions. It can also assist in feeling much more self confidence in day to day life.

Collectively that can assist in feeling much more uplifted much more frequently and create feelings of well-being and happiness that may have been felt far less frequently in the past, as so much energy was being used to figure everything out.

Having that insight can assist in a much smoother passage through life .
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