5 False Myths about Psychic Readers

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Real Psychics Online / 20+ Years of Experience / 3 FREE Minutes

Are psychics real or fake? This is a question that has been asked throughout the centuries, but a better question would be ‘are psychic abilities real’ because there are definitely fake psychics out there, but there are also experienced, gifted psychics with real abilities. As far as proof that psychics are real, there are millions of people who have reported having accurate readings.

We’ve decided to answer this age-old question by debunking some of the myths about psychics and give you a better understanding of how a psychic uses their gifts and spiritual tools to access accurate answers to your questions and guide you to a better path, relationship, or career.

So, how do psychics work? The truth is, most real psychic readers use more than intuition and psychic abilities to provide you with guidance. They are experienced professionals who use various divination tools such as Tarot cards, ancient rune stones, crystals, numerology, and astrology to give you specific personal insights. Most of these tools, like astrology, require years of study and mentorship to learn and master.

There are also several different types of psychics including empaths, clairvoyants, clairaudients, clairsentients, and mediums who speak with spirit guides, angels, ghosts, or even your deceased loved ones. So, while the means are different, the results are similar - They help you connect with answers, a higher perspective of situations, and allow you to see your path ahead more clearly.
Here are 5 myths about psychic readers you should know before you get your next reading.

Myth #1 Psychics are Mind Readers

Psychics are “energy readers” who pick up on the soul level what is going on with you and anyone you ask about. More than anything else, a good psychic reader will sense how you are feeling and what’s happening in your energy field. They’ll pick up on why you feel what you feel, and the struggle you may be having in making a decision. For example, if you are having trouble with a relationship a gifted psychic can use their gifts to reveal a deeper layer of what the real issue is in order to provide the best advice.

They can sense which choice provides a clearer, happier path for you. But they won’t know when your birthday is or what your favorite song is.

A good psychic won’t even bother to try to read your mind because the real, deeper information is stored only in your heart and in your soul-field. If a psychic needs certain “mental” information from you, she’ll just ask. Every psychic is different and just because they ask for names or other information to help them with their process doesn’t necessarily mean they aren’t real.

For example, an astrologer generally needs your exact date, time and place of birth in order to see your chart and find the answers for you and a medium may ask you for the name or a picture of your deceased loved one to facilitate a stronger connection with them. This information is the means to get a good reading - not the ends.

5 False Myths about Psychic Readers5 False Myths about Psychic Readers

Myth #2 Psychics Know Everything 24/7

Psychics are people and people get tired and they can make mistakes. There’s a reason why your favorite online psychic is sometimes offline!

Providing readings can be demanding work and many psychics need time to clear their energies and recharge their batteries. They can’t be “On” 24/7.

Psychics can’t know everything, it’s not only against human nature but also the rules of the universe. Sometimes an answer is blocked because you aren’t ready or open to receiving an accurate answer. Sometimes the guides or higher powers are protecting you because the answer may change your destiny. A responsible psychic will ask to receive information that is in your best interest, serve your higher good, and help you the most on your journey.

Just like you, each psychic is also on a journey - there’s always more to explore and learn. There’s always more room to grow and their gifts become finer tuned over time, with experience. It can also take time to truly connect to your higher self and get the clearest picture of the situation - so while the 3 free minutes that we offer for online psychic readings are great for establishing a connection with your psychic, it generally will take a bit longer to get the best insights and answers.

There’s also a big difference between psychics and what information they can access. As an example, psychics can see the past, present, and future, traveling within the dimension of time, here in the physical world. Psychic mediums, on the other hand, cross the limitations of our world to connect with the spirit world. The two require completely different skill sets and abilities. This is why it’s important to try different psychics to find the one that works best for you.

5 False Myths about Psychic Readers5 False Myths about Psychic Readers

Myth #3 Psychics Should Be 100% Correct

There are several things to keep in mind when getting a psychic reading. Most importantly, is that the psychic is giving you a peek into your life and the situation you’re asking about - It’s not the whole picture. It’s only what you need to hear in that particular moment so you can make your next choice more consciously. Sometimes you need to hear a watered-down truth so you can grow and become open to an even more honest answer at a later time. Imagine that you’re obsessed with an ex-boyfriend and aren’t open to accept that it’s really over, in this case, a psychic may get an answer that you can accept that gently guides you to move on and as you progress, step by step, your psychic can reveal the true answer when you’re finally ready to hear it.

Your future is not set in stone - you have many possibilities and paths ahead of you and free will to make choices in every moment.

Psychics can’t walk your path for you, nor will they pressure you to walk a certain path. Even if you consult several psychics, you remain the owner of your choices and your life. What you do with the psychic information you receive is what ultimately determines the outcome. A psychic can tell you what will happen if you do this or that and your future can change based on whether you take their advice or not. No one can take away your free will, it’s up to you to follow the advice or not. Every choice you make lays out a path, but it’s never too late to get on a better path with the insight from a psychic.

Another thing to remember is that timelines can be fuzzy. Most psychics can see a season or get a general idea of when something will occur but it isn’t always going to be an exact date. Certain Tarot cards or astrological events can suggest that something is going to happen now, in the near future, or further out in the future, but exact dates are rarely revealed and even if they are, as mentioned above, you have free will and the outcome depends on your own timing and actions.

Myth #4 Intuition Equals Psychic Abilities

Although very important, intuition is just a small part of being a professional psychic. Some of our psychics are naturally gifted and born with their abilities and many of our best psychics have undergone years of training in different schools and methodologies, some even have PhDs and impressive certifications. They also learn to meditate, clear their field, and ground their energy before giving a reading and after.

Being a professional psychic is real work, but even though it is a career we have found that our top psychic advisors do what they do because they truly care about people. They believe they were given their gifts to share with the world to help others live their best possible lives.

Psychics spend many years honing and expanding their skills, becoming better and better while building a happy client base. They specialize in love & relationships, career, health or other life matters and most of them have regular clients they’ve been guiding for years. Bottom line, merely having intuition isn’t enough to become an established, trusted psychic.

Myth #5 Online Psychics Are Not Real

There is a false belief that seeing a psychic in person is more legitimate than using an online psychic or talking to one on the phone. The psychic industry has come a long way from Miss Chloe and the Psychic Friend’s Network. Technology has made it possible for the best psychics from around the world to provide readings to clients 24/7 in the comfort and privacy of your own home. Many psychics prefer online readings because they can share their gifts with and help more people.

There is no indication that you will get a better reading from a psychic if you visit them in person, in fact it can help fake psychics who use your expressions and body language to tell you what you want to hear - something they can’t do online. An advisor with real psychic abilities does not need to be in the same room with you to get clear answers. Intuitive gifts operate outside of the realm of the physical world - think of times you’ve had a feeling to call someone or had someone call you when you thought about them.

Additionally, psychics who are experts in using metaphysical tools like astrologers, Tarot card readers, numerologists, rune readers, dream interpreters, etc. get answers using their expertise and experience in their field. This in no way requires you to be in the same room with them. Online readings allow you access to the most highly qualified professionals in these areas. You probably wouldn’t go to Turkey to get a coffee reading, but with an online reading, you can get clarity from a Turkish psychic who comes from a long line of coffee readers.

So, are online psychics real? We encourage you to try a reading with 3 Free Minutes and decided for yourself.

Before you choose your psychic, make sure you know what you are looking for and what type of reading you want. Not all psychics are proficient in all psychic abilities and some specialize in love readings, career readings, or life path readings. Check their profiles and reviews to see if they can deliver exactly what you need. This is also an intuitive process on your end, when you get a gut feeling about a psychic listen to it. You can also leave it up to fate and use our wizard to match you with the psychics that are best for you.

Finding the best psychic for you is the key to getting the best, most accurate answers. If your energies don’t match, it doesn’t mean the psychic isn’t real, it just means they aren’t a good fit for you. That’s why we have the Best Match Guarantee that allows you to try as many new psychics you’d like with 3 free chat minutes.
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