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Top Psychic Advisor / 20+ Years of Experience / Psychic, Empath, Clairvoyant
Top Psychic Advisor / 20+ Years of Experience / Psychic, Empath, Clairvoyant
Let’s face it, feelings are everything. They’re why you drive the car that you do. Why you like a particular brand of clothing. Why you chose your mate and why you had children. All because of your feelings. They’re why I need coffee upon waking up - not an hour later - right away. You call it a need or habit, but I know what it really is, it’s all because of how I feel.

A clairsentient sees through their feelings. They have the ability of psychic sensing. It’s so much more than intuition. It’s on a higher level than that. It’s very much like being able to taste music. It requires the use of all of your senses. To make use of the vibrations, energies and emotions of those around us.

The messages can come through as a feeling, a taste, a sound and even memories. They can trigger a series of cascading emotions for the psychic advisor. It’s different for everyone and with every reading. It’s not an experience that can be replicated easily either. It happens without warning or signs. You merely have to be receptive and wait for the messages to come through. In this article, I'll take a deeper dive and share what are clairsentient powers.

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What is a Clairsentient?

The etymology of the word is traced back to the 17th century.Claire, meaning clear in French, was joined to the word Sentient, which means being able to sense or feel things; therefore, clairsentient literally means clear sensing or the ability to clearly sense, perceive or feel things.

On a deeper level, it is the ability to perceive what is not perceivable. It means having the ability to feel things as well as one can see them, especially the things that are hidden from plain sight. You’re not going to find many movies or TV shows based on this skill. It includes intuition but is much more powerful. Many who seek to enhance their abilities overlook the power of Clairsentience.

The Traits of a Clairsentient

A clairsentient is by their very nature a gentle soul and a great listener. They are not attention seekers as much as they are wallflowers, usually blending into the background in most social situations and gatherings. They are observers who like to witness rather than to be witnessed. They are quiet but deep souls that don’t fit into any other category, as they are in one all their own.

Someone with clairsentient abilities is able to pick up on the emotions of others. For this reason, it can be very draining to be in large groups of people. It is all based on being receptive to changes in energy around others. This is very useful when reading people.

Clairsentients are often described as over-sensitive in their daily lives. They are able to sense a change in energy around others - by just walking into a room, they will be able to pick up that something serious just went down. They feel the emotions of others very strongly and have incredible instincts about situations and people.

Clairsentience - The Undervalued Psychic Ability

Everyone wants to see grand visions, but no one talks about the power of feeling. It requires years of practice, skill, and a willingness to not only deal with your emotions but everyone else's too. This can sometimes feel like a huge burden, but it should be valued as an incredible gift.

Clairsentients are naturally great at understanding human behavior. They get people without having to know them or spend a great deal of time interacting with them. They can instantly understand why someone acts the way that they do and equally understand why you can’t tolerate it. This allows them to do some of what they do best - bring errant perspectives and people together.

Clairsentients can get to the core of every situation. They find out what lies behind even the deepest of issues that are coming between a couple. The insights one can achieve when dialoguing directly with the heart are incomparable because we are, by design, deeply emotional creatures who live and breath through feeling. Therefore, the heart happiness of those a clairsentient advisor engages with is of vital importance.

If you are under the care and guidance of a clairsentient, you can rest assured that they have your own best interests in mind. They feel what you feel - Past, present and yes, even the future. What you’ll get is not only a prediction, but re-assurance that the advisor that you are speaking with can not only see what is ahead but can feel it, and can even feel what you will feel, and can then relay that message to you.

It May Feel Like A Curse

A clairsentient medium has the uncanny ability to not only communicate with long-lost loved ones but can also relay much more information through their innate ability to feel, even beyond the here and now to the other side. They do more than relay messages, they can connect deeply and bridge the gap that other mediumship sessions leave behind.

It’s not just about making contact with the dead. For them, it’s often about reliving that person’s life experiences, joys and disappointments. It’s challenging and only the most experienced mediums dare to venture into doing this on a full-time basis. The energy and effort required to do this kind of work has been known to take a toll on the clairsentient Mediums who practice this art. For this reason, it is so important for them to take the time needed to recharge. They are the best at what they do and the benefits to you the client are unlimited. For the best clairsentient readings, a suggestion would be to take the session with the advisor seriously, to have enough time for it and to be clear about what you genuinely need to know.

What is a Clairsentient Empath?

A clairsentient empath is a designation that suggests that empaths on their own cannot do what a clairsentient empath can, that’s not completely true. mpaths by their very nature are feelers in every sense of the word, but it does not mean that they are born with the gift of clairsentience or have developed it. Those who have, are less likely to define themselves as simply empaths. Clairsentients may feel overwhelmed by different emotions at random times.

Clairsentient Powers In Action

Clairsentient abilities go far and wide and it’s easy to underestimate the ground that we cover when tuned in. It’s one thing to see, another to hear, but it’s an entirely different experience to feel. No two clairsentient readings will be alike. Just as our feelings, state of mind and being are in constant flux, the readings will also reflect the change of our energies.

Here is an example of what I experience during a session as a clairsentient empath. The moment that you enter the chat room, I can feel your energy and mood - That sets the stage for everything else. Even before you type a single character, I’m picking up on the emotions, energies and feelings coming through. Sometimes it’s all at once, other times it’s a bit at a time. Either way you are there, being felt even before a single letter is visible on the screen.

What is a Clairsentient? What is a Clairsentient?

As we continue the process of introductions, I then begin to seek you out more profoundly, look for the other parties involved and open myself to receiving. I can tell you that what comes first is love. Love is such a dominant force, that if it’s there, it’s felt before anything else. Even as you are asking if he’s being faithful, if he’s the one, if he loves you, if he will ever call you back... I know one thing, if there is love or not. It’s there and it’s FELT in the deepest parts of me. The higher the connection, the stronger the feeling, the surer I am of what I see and feel. It's one of the reasons why I can stand firm in my vision of the future even if it looks like the exact opposite is taking place.

For the clairsentient, the reading imparts the future in a way that is experienced, just as I experience current reality, day by day. When I see an event taking place in the future, it's as if I am there and see it, and then I come back and can tell you about it. It’s one of the many reasons I love doing what I do. There is nothing like feeling the authentic, creative and healing love from soulmates who are trying to find their way to a safe place.

It shines through stronger than your fear, your anxiety or worries. It’s louder than the doubt. It’s greater than any obstacle before you. It’s clearer than any vision could be.

Is A Reading With A Clairsentient Right For You?

A reading is about getting the answers that you need. It’s never truly about an answer to when, but rather it’s about the why. Why didn’t they call, why didn’t they try, why didn’t they do one thing or do another. A clairsentient is the right person to get to the bottom of every why.

We are in the middle, dialoguing, making peace, bringing healing and trying to help everyone understand one another and live in that place of love. They have not only dealt with their own emotions but have had to deal with the flow of emotions of others. Past, present and future. It’s why they all know that one never changing truth - That love is the way, love is the answer. A clairsentient will naturally guide you through the steps to attain both inner and outer love.
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