How To Develop Spiritual Gifts?

Written by Kasamba Advisor Divine Messenger Zuco

Have you ever gone about your day, minding your own business and you get the sense that someone is watching you? Only to turn your head and make eye contact with someone that was staring in your direction. We all have. It’s proof positive that something unseen exists, a connection that can’t be defined by science. It happens every day. Go ahead. Stare at someone from behind and watch as they turn their gaze towards you.

In the past, I've struggled with how to use my spiritual gifts. I started very early, and though I was born with many of them, I’ve come to understand that practice makes perfect. There are many different ways of getting to the same place. In this article, we’ll cover how to enhance your spiritual gifts and practical application of spiritual gifts.

The ability to feel without seeing. To know without any rational reason to have that knowledge. The information is there, in the ether. It made its way to you, and you react to it. It happens in an instant, as quick as the movement of a hummingbird. If you’ve experienced any of those things, then you already have a gift. You already have the potential to read energy, to have visions, to communicate with the dead, to see the hidden meaning in a tarot card, and to pick up on future events with extreme clarity. Recognizing these spiritual gifts will help you know more about yourself and the world around you.

Intuition is one that most of us are familiar with. We all have it. That sense, that feeling and that knowing. In the depths of who you are, in the seat of your soul. It's simple enough to do. You have to get used to being wrong. You’ll be wrong, a lot.

Especially at first, you’ll come to doubt your intuition on more than one occasion. Intuition on its own is NEVER wrong. It’s the way that you may interpret those feelings that are wrong. Sometimes the emotions come from deep within you, making it crystal clear to you what they mean. Other times, it’s not as plain. Believing that something is going on within you is the first step. Become aware. Acknowledge it and then ask yourself a question. What is going on? What am I feeling? What does this mean? Be quick to acknowledge it and slow to come to any conclusions. You don’t want to jump to ANY conclusions at all. Cordon off your judgments and experiences. If you feel 100% negative in that moment with someone or a situation, then you are without a doubt wrong. It’s never 100% bad or wrong. That only happens when your memories, experiences, and personal judgments come into play. This is where many of us give up or stop trusting our feelings. That’s the biggest mistake that we can make. Trust your feelings, but be aware of how you judge what they mean. It’s ok to give it time. You don’t have to make snap judgments based on a feeling that rises deep from within you. Remember, what you are sensing is right, but you, as a human being, could very well be wrong.

With time, patience and experience, you’ll come to see that your intuition is never actually wrong at all. It’s always spot on. You may not understand everything at that moment, but you will have a crystal clear signpost. Start there and build that muscle. It will get stronger and better in time, along with how you interpret what it all means. Mindfulness is where it’s at. Meditation can help. It’s all about you. As enjoyable as incense smells, it’s not magic. Wands look great, but you are the one with the power. Robes and special gear are impressive but are for your mental benefit. The magic is not from without. it’s from within. It’s about what you know to be true. Not what you see but what you feel and believe.

Intuition is connected to emotions. If you are alive, then your intuition can trigger you. Short of being from planet Vulcan, you will struggle. Somethings will hit you harder than others. Trial and error are part of the plan. If you don’t like being wrong, you are in for a doozy. One of the first things that goes or gets inflated during the process of spiritual growth is the ego. Humility is key to developing your intuition. There is no place for ego. No place for being right at all costs. Especially at the expense of someone else's feelings. The very best psychics, healers, empaths and readers are those who don’t have a grandiose sense of self.

In time, you can begin to experience images, sounds or stronger feelings. They are also known as clairvoyance, clairaudience, and empathy. It’s true that some have more of one or the other. Some us feel like we were born for this purpose. You’ll find that the same holds true for these gifts as they do for intuition. It’s about trusting what you feel, see and hear. But not jumping to conclusions. You don’t want to be the person yelling at the top of their lungs about some unseen danger that only you can see. Even when you’re right, people will say that you are wrong. What you see could be too wild, too out there, too cray  for people to even begin to believe or understand. That’s a burden that will make you grow stronger from carrying. Spiritual gifts are not all sunshine and rainbows. Knowledge is weighty, it’s intense and requires an internal strength that does not come on its own. The good news is that as you grow, so does your power. There is a time and a season for everything. That’s important to remember when it comes to sharing what you think you know. As your gifts become stronger, so will the need to bite down on your tongue.

Some examples of gifts that we do not want are visions or extreme clairvoyance. Everyone wants visions, but few have them. Visions are grand, but not practical. They demand 100% of your energy, focus, and senses. You can’t drive a car while having a vision. You can’t focus on what brand of milk you need at the grocery store while experiencing a vision. It stops everything, forcing you to take in the message. Visions or extreme clairvoyance is a gift to some but a burden to others. Visions are the ability to see through the veil of this reality into a place where time and space do not exist. It’s the power to see through the now into the world where past, present, and future are as one. While it can prove to be a powerful tool and gift, it’s also the most dangerous of them all. Once you chip away at the walls of this world into the next, you run the risk of not being able to stop the flow; that’s when a gift can become a handicap.

Over my years of seeking, trying and learning. I’ve come to meet a great many people who had strong psychic gifts of visions, intuition and clairaudience. Some were terrifying, while others were sweet as pie. What I’ve come to understand through it all, is that the greatest of all these gifts is love. Love is, in fact, a spiritual gift. It has the ability to see through the worst of situations. It heals where nothing else can or will. It can forgive anyone for anything. Love is why anyone is alive and breathing. Love is the creative force behind everything. Love takes you to the highest heights. Love gives you wings. Love HEALS. Love sees past the potential into the what can and will be. I’m a psychic, I'm an empath, I am clairvoyant, clairaudient, and I can communicate with spirits. I read tarot cards and I understand numerology. I've done it all and then some. When I ascended to the highest of places, love was always there. It wasn’t about being psychic or how well I could read someone. It wasn't about my power or knowledge. The Divine does not care how strong you are, who you are or what you know. What matters is what is in your heart. Love is the key to every gift, including psychic abilities. Using that power to spread healing, health, and happiness everywhere is the key. If you are seeking to develop any of your gifts, look to love to guide you, power you, and to help you through it all. Love will always find a way because love NEVER ends.

 How To Develop Spiritual Gifts  How To Develop Spiritual Gifts

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