What Are Runes and What Are They Used For?

What is a Celtic Rune Stone?

Modern day celtic runes have been used for divination for hundreds of years since the 17th century. They are small stones with an ancient, magic alphabet carved onto them and are cast to predict the future and answer questions.

Physical tools have been used by the best psychics for centuries to draw answers from the universe. Tea leaves, coffee grounds, and crystals can all be used to provide accurate readings, with the most common tool being cards. Tarot cards, angel cards, and even playing cards are used by many psychic mediums for fortune telling, to answer questions, and to provide deeper insights into a person’s true purpose. But there is another ancient oracle used to gain valuable insights and connect to the magic of the universe, celtic rune stones.

With a long, complex history, runes are most likely the first mystical tools used for protection and connecting to psychic insights. There is evidence of runes being used as early as the Roman and Germanic Eras with the first runic alphabet dating back to 150-800 AD. In various languages the root of the word rune means ‘secret’, ‘whisper’, ‘something hidden’ and ‘mystery’ indicating the special powers that casting runes hold.

Rune Stones are often referred to as Celtic Runes, Magic Runes, and Viking Runes - Although there may be slight variations to the shape of the symbols, all rune stones use more or less the same runic alphabet.

What Are Runes Used For?

As an oracle, rune stones can be used in divination to predict the future and to guide you and answer questions you have. The ancient symbols provide insights into situations and can offer the key to predicting outcomes. Many psychics will use casting runes in conjunction with their intuition to get clearer answers to specific questions, as they help to fill in the missing pieces and provide access to the bigger picture.

In the past, the magical symbols appearing on rune stones were used for amulets, shields, and to conceal secret messages. The runic alphabet has been used for centuries to provide protection and healing, just like other popular symbols such as the hamsa, ankh, eye of horus, or tree of life. Read a Dan Brown novel or watch Indiana Jones and you’ll understand the power of mystical symbols.

How Do You Read Runes?

As a more hidden oracle for divination, when mentioned, people usually ask what is a rune stone, what is casting runes, and what are they used for. Rune readings often offer deep insights, but not always direct answers. This means that a psychic advisor has to rely on their intuition to truly read runes and get accurate guidance. Like tarot cards, the symbols on the runes each have a specific meaning that can be interpreted in different ways depending on where it falls in a spread and if it is right side up or upside down. Due to the complexities, casting and reading runes usually takes years to master.

There are different rune casting spreads that psychics use to read the runes, with the most common being 3, 5, and 9 rune stone layouts. They can also be drawn individually during a reading to provide useful insight for a specific question or situation.

The more open and focused you are during a psychic reading the more accurate the stones will be at predicting the future and providing you with valuable answers and direction.

Kasamba has gifted psychics who are masters at casting runes and reading them to provide you with valuable answers and guidance.

Rune Casting Meanings

Fehu / Feoh / F (Wealth) - Chest; Lungs; Success; Happiness; Fertility; Abundance

Uruz / Ur / U (Ox) - Muscles; Strength; Energy; Health; Sexual Desire; Sudden Changes

Thurisaz / TH (Thorn) - Heart; Destruction; Reactivity; Cleansing; Instincts

Ansuz / Os / A (Mouth) - Throat; Speech; Blessings; Wisdom; Gaining Insight

Raido / Raidho / R (Ride) - Legs; Travel; Moving; Change in Lifestyle; Vacation; Journey

Kaunaz / Kenaz / K (Torch) - Cysts; Ulcers; Fever; Creativity; Passion; Inspiration; Vision

Gebo / Giefu / G (Gifts) - Toxic Poisoning; Balance; Exchanges; Contracts

Wunjo / W / V (Joy) - Breathing; Comfort; Rewards; Recognition

Hagalaz / H (Hail) - Wounds; Cuts; Destruction; Completion; Trials; Severe Weather

Nauthiz / N (Need) - Arms; Endurance; Overcoming; Delays; Innovation; Fate; Determination

Isa / I (Ice) - Numbness; Grieving; Waiting; Psychological Blocks; Challenges

Jera / J / Y (Year) - Bowels; Harvest; Peace; Reaping Rewards; Timing

Eihwaz / Eeoh / Ei (Yew) - Eyes; Childbirth; Sexual Organs; Reliability; Protection; Motivation

Perthro / Peoro / P (Vagina) - Secrets; Destiny; Future; Feminine / Uncertain / Hidden

Algiz / Z / X (Elk) - Head; Brain; Anxiety; Guarding; Awakening; Defense; Shelter; Shield

Sowelu / Sowilo / S (Sun) - Skin; Burns; Honor; Victory; Higher Self; Wholeness; Achievement

Tiwaz / T (Tyr) - Arthritis; Hands; Justice; Leadership; Competition; Legal; Positive Outcome

Berkana / Beorc / B (Birch) - Fertility; Birth; Beginnings; Growth; Regeneration; Liberation

Ehwaz / Eoh / E (Horse) - Back; Transportation; Progress; Teamwork; Marriage; Partnership

Mannaz / M (Man) - Sprains; Feet; Friends; Intelligence; Awareness; Skills; The Self

Laguz / Lagu / L (Lake) - Kidneys; Water; Healing; Renewal; Imagination; Dreams; Mysteries

Inguz / Ingwaz / I (Ing) - Male Genitalia; Family; Home; Love; Rest; Relief; Common Bond

Othila / Othala / O (Property) - Genetics; Inheritance; Groups; Values; Aid; Ancestors

Dagaz / D (Day) - Mental Illness; Breakthrough; Planning; Clarity; Security; Release; Hope

What is a Magic Rune What is a Magic Rune

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