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Professional Tarot reader with over 20 years experience. I don't just look at coming events, but at steps which can be taken to arrive at the best outcome for your situation. Other Specialties  
About My Services

Readings can be conducted for any aspect of life, including relationships, business and finance, spiritual and personal growth and more.
I usually conduct readings in a Q&A type format, giving insight into thoughts, intentions, future directions and hidden factors in a situation as well as future developments. I primarily use the Rider-Waite Tarot Deck,, with the Tarot de Marseilles, as well as the Brotherhood of Light Tarot deck as backups for longer sessions...
I see the Tarot as primarily designed as a tool for enhancing self knowledge. and for attaining a clearer understanding of the forces at work in your surroundings. Every reading you receive should enhance your awareness of yourself as a spiritual being and as a master of your own decisions.
- A Tarot reading does not, nor ever will, impinge on your divinely given right to free will. The predictive aspects of tarot readings relate to potential developments, not fixed outcomes. The symbolism of the tarot is designed to inform the seeker how to better themselves, their outlook and their interaction with the world they live in.
- The Tarot being hundreds of years old, has been found to correspond and shed light on the secret teachings of mystical systems thousands of years old. This is due to the flexible nature of symbolic and allegorical imagery which can remain untouched by changing cultures and civilizations, maintaining its relevance through the centuries.
As a tool for enhancing wisdom and fostering personal growth, the Tarot mirrors the functions of our Unconscious mind, which uses archetypal imagery to communicate with us through dreams and intuitive feelings. This awareness is often overlooked or misunderstood by our waking consciousness due to its inability to understand the symbolic and allegorical language. The Tarot attempts to bridge this gap and fosters a growing appreciation of our intuitive knowledge.
Ultimately a Tarot reading should provide you with an uplifting and revelatory experience, enabling you to see the true nature of any situation, showing you how to better balance out your priorities, pointing out the talents and strengths you have yet to make full use of, and providing an indication as to the possible outcome of your situation should things remain unchanged.
Like any form of divination, the Tarot is never 100% correct. A Tarot reading should never make you feel doomed, trapped or resigned to your fate.
The Tarot is designed to help you make better use of your power to choose your decisions in an informed manner, and to be prepared for possible developments in your life.

Experience & Qualifications

Teacher of Shamanic practices, witchcraft and magic. 30+ years spent studying researching and practicing magick, shamanism, various divination techniques, and a variety of other occult practices, including mediumship and conducting seances. Tarot reading has been an obsession for the past 30 years and my profession for the past 20 or so My Tarot readings draw on the esoteric teachings of the Qabalah, Astrology Pythagorean numerology, Alchemical symbolism and other systems of occult correspondences.