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Psychic Reading



I will answer questions you have about life, love, friends, family, career and finance. Other Specialties  
About My Services

I use tarot and/or lenormand to answer your questions in addition to using my God gifted intuition. The cards provide confirmation to what I feel along with any additional information it can provide. I have been reading tarot cards since I was eleven. I read for friends, family and acquaintances, most of whom have been very satisfied. I will provide as much detail as possible. I'll let you know if I get any visions. I am here to help you and get you on the right path. Know that there is free will energy. I am here to tell you what is possible. I will provide guidance/advice to deter you from any negative outcome. I provide time frames but I ask that you reasonable about the level of specificity I can provide in that area.

Experience & Qualifications

Doing tarot readings for over 25 years. Worked as a volunteer psychic reader for 10 years. I am compassionate but honest and will tell you the truth. I will discuss your concerns as a friend while maintaining an objective viewpoint.


Bachelor's degree in molecular biology.