About My Services

I have been psychic my whole life. Worked with many to help ease their minds and lift their hearts! Spirit are always around us and do help us every day. Please allow me the chance to bring hope and happiness back to your heart.. It is what we do deserve in life. I am very generous with my time however I can not do FREE READS. please consider this when comming to see me. thank you I am also an Identical twin born under Gemini! These two things combined give me great skill to see things others simply can not!

Experience & Qualifications

Ive been psychic all my life as i can remember. Ive now been working with angel cards. I test myself daily, my highest scores seem to be in pre-cognition (the ability to know the outcome of a situation) a speical thank you to each and every client. I thank you so much for comming and i will work very hard for you thank you for your continued faith and trust kathy free counters


I ont believe you need a degree to share spirit and hope!with others!