About My Services

When life has you feeling down, allow the power of the Tarot to pick you up.
My name is Nicola and I use psychic inisght, empathy and tarot cards to help you get the answers you need.
Why the tarot? As a child, before we can read, we flip through pages of picture books and make our own stories. The tarot serves us in much the same way: We shuffle the deck, we lay out the cards, we read the ever changing story of your life. We find where you can make changes, we see your stregnths and weaknesses, we look into the feelings and actions of those around you- then we see what needs to be done to make your life the story you want.
I use my psychic intuitions and empathy to look deeply into your cards and your energy to get you the answers you need. Some of the answers may be hard to hear, some insight may not be understood until a later date when the information is truely needed, sometimes you may not like the answers given- but all information will be given to you in an honest, respectful manner and be what I truely see and feel for you.
I have been giving professional psychic tarot readings for eight years and have been studying the tarot and other intuitive skills throughout my life. I am non-judgmental twards your life and your decisions and only wish to help you further your goals so you can achieve your dreams. I ask that you come to me with an open mind, an open heart, and a desire for the truth even if it's not what you wish to hear.
I look forward to helping you.

Experience & Qualifications

~Empathic~ ~Tarot Reader~
Let me use my special gifts to help you find your special path in life. True happiness can be gained with the help of knowledge and guidance.

~Favorite Tarot Spreads~
Celtic Cross: A good general spread to see where life is heading.
Past/Present/Future: To find the path of any situation.
Letting go: Weigh the options and find if it's time to let go.
Relationship Pathways: Used when deciding between two partners.
Soul Mate: Will I recognize my soul mate when we meet?
New Love: Find out if your new love interest is right for you.

~I have many other tarot spreads to meet your needs~

If you need legal adivce, visit a lawyer. If you have health concerns, visit your doctor. Psychic and tarot readings are for entertainment, fun and helpful insight. You are responsible for your own decisions. Your fate is in your hands.


I've worked with some of the major telephone psychic lines, including: Psychic Readers Network, Zodiac Network and TV Guide.
~fast, accurate, honest answers. Caring Advice. Age old Wisdom~