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"Master in Hypnosis, Psychology. Studies in Emotional Freedom Technique,
Emotional Intelligence, Energy transferring, angels...

Experience & Qualifications

Both of my parents heard me crying on my mother's womb before I was born. Later I learned this to be the unequivocal sing in medieval Spain of a gifted healer, known as the Caravaca cross gift. I inherited some of my gifts from my maternal great grandmother, who was the "druid", nurse, midwife, equivalent to the wise medicine woman and adviser, at this small Castillian village in the early 20th century rural Spain. I can assure you that you will never leave my sessions feeling anything sort of loved, understood, with a breath of new hope and positive energy. I look forward assisting you, sending the love and the messages the Gods and the angels intended me to rely to you. I have worked professionally with Tarot Readings and counseling, over 20 years, both in Spain and the US, 8 of which has been also distance, via online, a world of its own. I have a master in Hypnosis and have spent many years studying and practicing different methods and metaphysical techniques. I have been privileged to study with internationally acclaimed medium Lisa Williams and Depak Chopra. I practice several different healing techniques and in my psychic and reading consultation practices I put a special focus on energy, healing and manifesting, as well as stress related ailments.