About My Services

Seek me with any questions that you may have on love and relationships. I have helped numerous people including family and friends, to bring clarity closer to their lives. We ALL find ourselves in situations where we need guidence and strategies that will give us a desirable outcome. Ultimatley YOU choose your path in life. We all have free will...Nothing is set in stoneI am intuitive. This allows me to sense feelings, thoughts, and positivity as well as Negitivity. All of these feelings combined, provides a great deal of insight which can be used to determine probable outcome in your situation..Do not pay for the answers you WANT to hear just SEEK CHELLE for the TRUTH!

Experience & Qualifications

12+ years experience in relationship mentoring and teaching important interelational skills needed to maintain happy and healthy relationships.


University of Michigan Bachelors Psychology Sports Medicine Nationally Certified Massage Therapist degree Early Childhood Development