About My Services

I am an experienced reader with many years of experience and wisdom to offer. I am a naturally gifted intuitive and empath as well so I like to moreso use tarot as a channel for the information to come through from spirit. I am an honest reader and aim to empower; though I will not sugar coat the truth ever for what I see in the cards. My primary aim is to channel information directly from source energy and help you to overcome any challenges you have in your life and to offer guidance to accessing your highest path founded on TRUTH. Please only come to me if you are ready to receive. I strive to bring light and clarity to every person I read for. I read both by my intuition and by the book in combination. I access a meditative state and connection and ground myself to access your energy field and your angels. Then I draw cards and read to you the messages that come about. Through this practice and our connection I hope to bring you closer to your own intuition.

Experience & Qualifications

I have over a decade worth of experience working with tarot, divination, intuitive energy healing, and am a certified usui reiki master. Regardless of my training I am a naturally gifted healer and intuitive and this has been with me naturally working with light energy since childhood. For all sessions I begin by connecting with my angels as well as yours. I ground my energy and reach up to source light as I expand my awareness and connection to divine light to offer divinely channeled messages.


Usui Reiki Master