Member: User_3807109
Awesome! Great reading!
Aug 15 2019
Member: Kevin
Simone is very kind.
Aug 14 2019
Member: User_eas9gn
I just love
Aug 11 2019
Member: Sally
Compassionate, honest, and insightful
Aug 10 2019
Member: Soul Tarot
Thank you :)
Aug 9 2019
Member: User_4830870
very genuine and nice
Aug 8 2019
Member: Wise888
Thank you Simone for telling the truth even though it was unfortunate. Much appreciated. Bless you
Aug 8 2019
Member: gypsy
Aug 7 2019
Member: indigo
I have been communicating with her quite sometimes now. She has giving me a lot of support and accurate reading to get through this challenging time. With her advice, I am convinced that I will have a great outcome. Her predictions already came through. I am very optimistic of the outcome! Highly recommended!
Aug 6 2019
Member: Black Rose
She keeps changing the message as I question her. Has not picked up anything that is accurate in the years of me going to her. None of her predictions have come true. She makes up things as she goes along.
Aug 5 2019

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