Member: User_w5b4wm
Great always
Jul 7 2019
Member: Madelyn
Great reading!
Jul 7 2019
Member: Ducontra
Excellent as always!!
Jul 6 2019
Member: Soul Tarot
Thanks Simone, will keep you posted!
Jul 5 2019
Member: Soul Tarot
Thanks Simone, great reading :)
Jul 4 2019
Member: gypsy
Jul 3 2019
Member: User_5542205
Simone was great! I feel much more confident in the future after our chat, and she gave me specific feedback, nothing super general. Hope to seek her wisdom again soon
Jul 2 2019
Member: Eva
Thank you, Simone
Jun 29 2019
Member: Vanessa
Gave me closure. Thank you
Jun 27 2019
Member: Soul Tarot
Thanks, much appreciated :)
Jun 26 2019
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