Member: User_4357794
Great, very insightful
Sep 10 2023
Member: User_7651788
Thank you Cristina!!!!
Sep 5 2023
Member: Futura
So spot on for many years and lovely to chat. Thanks so much!!!
Sep 5 2023
Member: User_4007641
thank u
Sep 5 2023
Member: purplelion2
Very nice reading. Will be back
Aug 21 2023
Member: Rich
Great as always!!!!
Aug 17 2023
Member: Green Wings
Seems to be a scammer, got a sick feeling from her which doesn't happen with other readers I've talked to, even if they tell me something I don't want to hear. Unfortunately I didn't follow my intuition when something felt off when I saw her photo, I had to check for sure and I was right. Very expensive, too, which would be fine if she actually provided high quality spiritual experience that didn't promote fear and give generic advice. One thing she told me was to put items on fb marketplace which anyone can say, I've done before and wasn't an option for my situation. Two, she told me someone dangerous was in jail, they were not. Three, she told me that someone abusive was pregnant and to walk away from the situation, they aren't. And she said that makes them a family, which it doesn't and that's literally disgusting and something an abuser would say to try to manipulate someone into staying. I would avoid at all costs and don't think she should be allowed to practice her murky trade. There are lots of kind readers out there who will tell you what is needed both good and bad, and be mostly accurate.
Aug 12 2023
Member: Cristina
Great as always. You won't be disappointed. Thank you, Cristina, for today reading. It made a lot of sense to me and I know what I have to do now to better myself. Thank you!
Aug 10 2023
Member: User_1398676
Great and insightful
Aug 9 2023
Member: User_2964293
Best in the business
Aug 6 2023
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