Member: sh121314
Jan 17 2022
Member: Tony Napoletano
Unbelievable!! More predictions came true that Maura mentioned would happen. THE BEST IN THE BUSINESS! LOVE MAURA
Jan 7 2022
Member: Tony Napoletano
Once again Maura was right! Maura is consistently right with what she says about my poi. As she says, her timelines are off but if she says it will happen it does. Trust me I know. Love Maura
Dec 29 2021
Member: sh121314
Maura knows what's at the core. She needs no details.
Dec 26 2021
Member: Diamond
Always awesome and very truthful. Thank you!
Dec 22 2021
Member: Tony Napoletano
The real deal, the best. Maura was right AGAIN about my poi reaching out. Love her
Dec 21 2021
Member: User_3173071
Dec 20 2021
Member: sh121314
I can totally see Maura's predictions being so true right now. its unbelievable. Sure, the route was different but what she said was so right. She is a pillar of strength.
Dec 18 2021
Member: User_5306652
thank you
Dec 10 2021
Member: User_270442
Maura has been my rock in one of the most difficult times of transition in my life. She's is incredibly empowering, with a clarity and guidance that is rare to find. So blessed to have found her!
Dec 9 2021

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