Member: Beth
Love her!
Dec 5 2019
Member: joaonaza
She is fantastic and very strong on her advises
Nov 22 2019
Member: Vivienne Loh
clear as usual, and very honest. Let's see how this pans out :)
Nov 8 2019
Member: User_hnq6we
Very helpful and perceptive. Thanks!
Nov 6 2019
Member: User_2785092
Very direct
Oct 16 2019
Member: rachelc_927
Thank you.
Oct 9 2019
Member: IncarnatedSoul
Thank you so much as always! Amazingly accurate :))
Oct 9 2019
Member: User_7039796
Slow to respond and shallow responses. Not worth the money IMO
Oct 2 2019
Member: Beth
Always great
Oct 2 2019
Member: User_8950649
Kind and helpful
Sep 24 2019

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