Member: User_3980967
Thank you Vik for your time. My POI will take responsibility when i’m no longer there for him when he feels is too late. I will not let him know how/when i move on. i’m done talking over and over about this when he doesnt deserve someone like me.
Jun 22 2021
Member: User_8909772
Good accurate reading
Jun 21 2021
Member: User_5799096
helped me a lot
Jun 21 2021
Member: User_9594399
It was awesome so accurate and scary but what I wanted and needed to know so I thank you for the experience . A must !!
Jun 21 2021
Member: User_3750921
Great reading as always!
Jun 21 2021
Member: User_9101090
Always the best
Jun 21 2021
Member: User_263039
Vik is a great advisor for my case
Jun 21 2021
Member: User_4252745
Made total sense. Thank you x
Jun 20 2021
Member: naz
Jun 19 2021
Member: User_5529296
Jun 18 2021

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