Member: User_tz9jqq
Awesome thank you!!
Dec 10 2019
Member: chris6674
Amazing,everytime she is right on point
Dec 10 2019
Member: User_9437948
Cut due to funds, Amazing but very confused ??
Dec 10 2019
Member: Sararoo
Always such incredible insight. Really helps me to connect and understand with what he's doing while in the military and has limited communication. Thank you so very much
Dec 9 2019
Member: fabdee
Dec 9 2019
Member: Laura
(2/2) just putting here here to say, it's worth making sure you have a balance for at least 10 minutes.
Dec 7 2019
Member: User_286270
I swear she is sat inside my head.!! Or walking in my future - incredible
Dec 6 2019
Member: chris6674
Read into the whole situation,she really does have a gift
Dec 5 2019
Member: venkat
This was one of the many sessions I did with her. I will rate each in due course. The fact that we had several sessions in itself tells how much she was able to offer in terms of valuable insights. One word: She is Amazing and I will strongly recommend. She grasped fast, connected to the persons I queried quickly and spelt out their thoughts verbatim. Well were the accurate? Boy, I think so (hidden thoughts of others are difficult to verify, but the correlation to what Violet was able to draw out of the minds of others was so strong, I instantly knew they were right)...... You can trust Violet (@ SheReadsMinds) and the accuracy of her readings is my view.
Dec 4 2019
Member: User_9175231
Wow......all I can say is wow......
Dec 3 2019

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