Member: User_er7ycz
Thank you as always!
Jan 20 2020
Member: User_cyvd4k
i don't know yet. gave me some ideas
Jan 19 2020
Member: User_er7ycz
Experienced , intuitive and kind! Thank you!!
Jan 17 2020
Member: User_8732995
Libby made me feel better after having a difficult time with my uneasy feelings towards my other half! I will go live this day with some peace .
Jan 16 2020
Member: User_1580452
She always tells me what I need to hear and helps bring clarity
Jan 16 2020
Member: User_gki5bc
Thank you Libby! Sorry for the delay in this process.
Jan 16 2020
Member: none
Jan 15 2020
Member: srivatsan
Jan 11 2020
Member: User_3154092
She confirmed my intuition and removed the confusion. Thanks!!
Jan 8 2020
Member: bonforrest
She is really great.
Jan 6 2020

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