Tarot Card: Major Arcana XIII, Death

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An armored skeleton riding a majestic horse, carrying a black flag, with people on his path giving their last breaths – no wonder Death is Tarot’s most feared card. But every image in the magical deck is only a metaphor. When we look closely at the rich symbology of Death, we find that it is one of the best and most empowering cards that can come your way!

Ending The Dark Night of Your Soul

The Death card represents the end of your dark night of the soul. The sun is rising in the background – you’ve been through a lot and now, finally, you’re entering a period filled with love and light.

The armored skeleton stands for your fossilized habits. These habits can include anything from smoking or eating junk foods to dating dysfunctional people or working at unhealthy environments. These behaviors controlled the direction of your life for too long, and now you realize it’s time to demote them from the driver’s seat.

The white flower in the black flag symbolizes innocence and new beginnings. It has five petals, and five stands for “spirit.” Tarot’s Death brings a new beginning to your soul – your wounds are healed, and you can look forward to a blissful relationship, a different job, life-changing choices, or moving to a special location.
The keyword here is “commitment” – commit to your new choices with all your heart.

Zodiacal Association

Death is associated with Scorpio –zodiac’s most powerful sign whose symbols include the wisdom-seeking snake, the nocturnal scorpion and the freedom-loving eagle. Together, they represent obtaining knowledge, changing deeply in subconscious layers, and seeing the world with fresh eyes.

Scorpio is a fixed water sign, meaning its emotions run deep and don’t change easily. But when they do, they cause an inner revolution. Just see how much water there is in the Death card! If you’ve been feeling emotional, or if your ups and downs have been extreme, don’t despair. When a deep wound is uncovered, many emotions come to the surface. Embrace your feelings without losing sight of your new commitment, and you’ll see the sun rise very soon.

Death and Love: Best Friends Forever

An expression of self-love, wanting to evolve is your deepest desire, and you grow more with another person than you do on your own. Every relationship is a series of deaths and rebirths, including the one with your mom, friends, or even your dog.

But there’s something different about dying in romantic love. Scorpio’s association with sex is a cue: in every sex act, if you can truly surrender to the moment, if you can let your emotions flow freely and experience your partner for the magnificent being that they are, your personal ego will die for a moment, and you will unite with the soul of another. A romantic relationship is where you grow most, and that’s why it’s the most painful.

When Death card appears in your life, the universe is telling you to open yourself to an ego-death. Get ready to be vulnerable and enjoy the ride through the dark night. Don’t run away. Trust the process a.k.a. the drama, because the sun rises only after the darkest hour.

Death: A Lesson in Staying the Course

As you change, some people will react to you, maybe even leave your life. Only your true soul-friends, the ones who’ll support the emergence of the new healthy you, will stick around. Stay strong. Talk to your close friends, to a life coach or a psychic, and make sure you have the encouragement you need to continue with the inner revolution you started.

Now is not the time to stop – you must finish what you started. Whether it’s kicking an addiction, changing your career, or revamping your love life, you’ve got to continue. Success is on the horizon.
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