What does The Sun card mean in Tarot?

The Sun Tarot card meaning The Sun Tarot card meaning

The Sun, Major Arcana, XIX

Everything about this card tells the story of benign yet incredibly intense inner power leading to much-deserved freedom. Just look at the strong symbolisms: a big, dazzling sun dancing with ripe sunflowers ready for harvest. A happy, naked child with open arms, carrying a giant orange flag – the color of fire – on a friendly horse, leaving behind a walled existence.

If you’ve just left behind a limiting, self-damaging, or even a complete life-sucking situation, or you’re in the process of doing so, or maybe you’re wondering if you can actually do so – the Sun card says yes, a wholehearted yes!

Harness your willpower, not to have power “over” others, but to have power together “with” those who truly love you, think and feel like you, or at the very least can understand and unconditionally support you (even if it’s difficult for them).

When the Sun card appears in your reading, or in your life through coincidence or a spiritual calling, know that there’s now no pretense, no façade, no ego defenses, and no unnecessary walls. The Sun represents freedom at its best, supported by the universe in general and supported by “your” universe.

The Sun is about finally accessing the divine power in you, saying “enough is enough” and meaning it, having the courage to be who you really are, and live your life accordingly and openly.

In rare cases, the Sun might point at a situation where you know you’re right, and you want to change things, but the environment doesn’t support you (yet). In such situations, you might be looking for the “friendly horse” in the wrong people. There are those out there who can help you change your circumstances, and they’d be happy to do so, it’s just that you haven’t found them yet.

What does The Sun Tarot card mean for love?

For singles, The Sun represents acquiring the ability to make wholesome choices in dating – physically, emotionally, sexually, socially, spiritually, and in every other way possible – without worrying about what others or your date might think. You’ll now be able to just be yourself, and be open to being received and cherished for your unique personality – regardless of your political views, clothing style, religious choices, sexual likes and dislikes etc.

If until now you’ve always done what was right or what was expected of you by your family or society, with the arrival of the energy of The Sun card into your life, you’ll now be able to distinguish what it is they want versus what it is that you want for yourself. You’ll choose the latter, and you won’t regret it.

For couples, The Sun might mean breaking the shackles of the societal expectations and of the past. Have you been sharing chores in a “traditional” way? Maybe it’s time to change things and reassign responsibilities. Maybe it’s time to create a more egalitarian relationship where both sides participate equally in every aspect. If you live together, this could be about sharing house chores. If you don’t live together yet, this could be about who’s paying the restaurant bill.

What does The Sun reversed in Tarot mean?

The Sun reversed points at an unhealthy situation where the soul is suffering yet it isn’t able to break free. It signifies circumstances that are thoroughly suffocating and the presence of unsupportive people who won’t help you overcome them. Your personal power has been taken away from you, probably long ago when you were very young, and now it’s difficult for you to stand your own ground and say, “Here I am and this is what I want!”

You might have to make a decision – can you work to change your family and society, or is it better to just leave and find others who are more like you? Whatever you choose, one thing is clear: the status-quo isn’t serving you at all. Something needs to change.

The child in the Sun card is riding a horse. In shamanism, horses symbolize masculine energy. It could be that what will get you out of your situation is a strong, masculine approach (regardless of your gender – we all have both masculine and feminine energies in us). Whatever gentle, all-encompassing love hasn’t achieved until now, focused power will.

If you can’t access your inner power (yet), try martial arts or simply punch pillows at home when nobody is looking. Get your energy moving – your power is there whether you feel it or not. Get support from those who’ll understand you, and avoid sharing things with people who can’t handle them.

Astrological association

The Sun card is associated with the Sun! An extremely stable source of energy, the Sun only varies 1% (maximum, that is) in heat or light at any given moment. Symbolically, for us, this means having the ability to provide ourselves with steady inner power and unrelenting belief in our abilities to make it in the world.

In Astrology, the Sun stands for unhindered spirit, unique personality, cherished individuality, and a healthy ego. It’s associated with willpower, strength, determination, and resilience, especially when faced with a negative or downright hostile situation. It’s associated with masculine energy – a healthy one, that is. Too much of it wouldn’t be good for anyone.

The Sun rules Leo. While in Tarot, the card directly associated with Leo is Strength (Major Arcana XIII), we can view the Sun card as its elevated, more spiritual counterpart – pure territorial reign, owning one’s own soul completely, but with the goal of absolute freedom, leaving all limiting situations behind. (In Strength, the figure in the card isn’t leaving).

Whether you see the Sun card in a tarot reading or you come across it any other way, if you feel that it speaks to you, moves you, or even mobilizes you – there’s an important message for you there. Review all your life areas and identify where you feel stuck. It could be your love life, career, finances, family dynamics, friends and social circle, or your well being. Notice which walls you want to leave behind, but be smart about it – the Sun, after all, isn’t about rash decisions. It’s about sustained inner power and direction.

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