What does the Eight of Cups card mean in Tarot?

The Eight of Cups meaning The Eight of Cups meaning

Eight of Cups, Minor Arcana, Cups VIII

The Eight of Cups indicates your desire to leave a seemingly perfect situation behind. You might have already taken some steps to move on.

That seemingly perfect situation could be a stable, well-paying job, a nice house in a good neighborhood, or a peaceful long-term relationship. Whatever it is, it has served its purpose already and you’re ready to explore something new, possibly something that’s much better to your soul now.

If the Eight of Cups appears in your reading, it means it’s time for a change – but you might want to be furtive about it. The figure in the card is exiting the situation at night time, on his or her own. This implies that people around you might not understand why you’d like to move on, so it’s better not to divulge much, or any, information at this point.

The red clothing and the red boots on the figure represent flawless timing and a good future – Eight of Cups suggests you aren’t rushing or being slow. You’re moving forward at the right time, at the right pace, and fate is on your side. Your future is bright and you’ll see that the step you’re taking now is the best one you could take.

Notice the eclipse in the card – it represents a meeting of your inner sun (representing your consciousness) and your inner moon (representing your subconsciousness). You’re 100% aligned – your mind, your heart, your soul all agree. It is time to walk away. The clarity you have is making everything way easier, and it’s attracting really good opportunities and coincidences into your life.

The mountains in the distance symbolize climbing higher in life. The decision you’re making today is going to improve all areas of your life in ways that you can’t even imagine right now. So many new doors will open and you’re ready for it.

If your reading is about your career and finances, the Eight of Cups might mean getting a new job at a brand-new company. You’ve worked at your current position as long as you could and you’ve done your best. You’ve outgrown the responsibilities of the role and now you’re ready to take on a higher-up position. The Eight of Cups says, “rest assured, you’re doing the right thing.” But it also advises you not to share the news until you have your new contract signed and you make sure everything is in order.

What does the Eight of Cups Tarot card mean for love?

For singles, having Eight of Cups in your reading means you might be starting to feel ready for a real long-term relationship. You had your fun, you’ve tried this and that, and while it was all great, and even enriching for a while, it’s now time to take things more seriously. What you want has changed, and you should act like it. You may want to make sure your dates understand that you’re looking for a true, serious relationship at this time in your life.

For couples, the Eight of Cups might mean breakup, though a peaceful, friendly one. You might be thinking you’ve learned everything you could in this relationship, and so does your partner. No one cheated, lied, or did anything wrong. No harm done. It’s just that you’ve grown in different ways, and now it might be time to explore life with another person who’s more suited to be with who you’ve become.

You might feel sad, because every ending, by its nature, is sad. Honor your sadness while keeping in mind that the breakup is happening for a soulful reason. Eight of Cups suggests a high likelihood of staying friends with your partner after the breakup, and even after many years into other relationships. You’ll be friends for life.

What does Eight of Cups reversed in Tarot mean?

The Eight of Cups reversed means staying in a situation that’s no longer conducive to your growth. You feel stuck even though the door is wide open. You can move on any time you want, yet you find yourself feeling paralyzed. You might be afraid that the future will not bring you what you want – at least, right now, you are in a familiar situation that isn’t that bad. So, you’re avoiding making any new moves. You don’t want to rock the boat.

Truth is, you could probably go on like this for a while. After all, there’s stability to the situation. You’re used to it, you know what to do and what to expect. But as time goes on, it’s going to start getting on your nerves. You know you deserve better now. You know you have the capacity to do more. Don’t let your fears stifle you. Get help from your closest friends or an advisor to face your doubts and worries. You’ll see that the situation is much better than you think it is.

Astrological association

All cup cards in the Minor Arcana are associated with the water element, which is associated with the astrological signs of Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces. Because the Eight of Cups is about making a new start, it indicates “cardinal” energy – therefore, it is most associated with the sign of Cancer who has cardinal water energy.

The cardinal water energy is like that of clouds that are about to rain. The water is there, but it just hasn’t fallen on Earth yet. And the Earth has dried; it could really use some water. In this situation, when it rains, it is a positive, desired development. The Eight of Cups is very much like this – it’s time to water your dreams and watch them grow. The longer you wait, the heavier you’ll become, just like clouds, and more your dreams will dry out.

In Tarot readings a card can represent a certain person outside of you, but in Eight of Cups’ case, the card tends to hold a mirror to your own face and show you your own state of living. It rarely represents another person. Your psychic Tarot reader can tell you which is which, depending on where this card appears in the spread and next to which cards.

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