What does the Queen of Wands card mean in Tarot?

Queen of Wands Tarot Card Interpretation Queen of Wands Tarot Card Interpretation

Queen of Wands, Minor Arcana, Wands XIII

The Queen of Wands represents generosity, openness, and optimism about the future, while being grounded and keeping healthy boundaries. There’s power in giving, as long as one feels abundant and trusts that he or she won’t be taken advantage of. The Queen of Wands is in such a beautiful, stable position.

If the Queen of Wands appears in your reading, the meanings can vary, depending on the question or life area you’re exploring. But rest assured, when in upright position, this card’s meaning is rarely negative – after all, she is a powerful matriarch, sitting comfortably in her throne with no threats coming at her, her abundance is symbolized by the sunflower, and her ability to protect herself is represented by the black cat.

Spiritually, cats symbolize independence. They show an interest in social interactions only when it suits them, as they have a deep, comfortable connection with their own selves. They don’t need outside approval. They are patient and know how to wait for the right moment to act. Through experience, the Queen of Wands has learned to do so as well. She is contented, whether alone or with others, and her interactions aren’t formed out of neediness.

If your reading is about your career and finances, the Queen of Wands might mean achieving new levels of financial comfort where you are both able to make or receive solid amounts of money and you know how much of it to hold onto. When you spend, you think in terms of investing, and you don’t blow your money on unnecessary purchases. You don’t need to be rich to be a Queen – as the Queen of Wands has no ostentatious tiara on her head or a giant castle behind her. She is the queen of her own life.

If your reading is about your social circle and friends, the Queen of Wands points at a time of enjoying a balance between alone-time and socializing. Continue to maintain your healthy boundaries, and don’t let what anyone says get to you. Feel comfortable in your own skin – you have nothing to prove to anyone.

If the reading is about your wellbeing, the Queen of Wands shows a great achievement – spiritual boundaries are very important to you, as well as physical and emotional boundaries, and you’re finally clear about how you want to be treated. This clarity was worth fighting for. Now is time to practice what you’ve learned.

What does the Queen of Wands Tarot card mean for love?

For singles, having Queen of Wands in your reading represents feeling very much at peace with who you’ve become. You feel good about the way you look, and you’re accepting of your “flaws.” You realize beauty is subjective, so you stopped subscribing to unachievable ideals of perfection – such as those pushed on us daily by the media, i.e. the tiny waist or the six-pack. You feel good about the way you present yourself to the world.

But it’s not just about the looks. You also feel good about yourself in general – your life wasn’t a fairy tale, but you own your story now. You see your difficult past as having helped you to become who you are today. Rest assured, your newfound confidence will attract the very best of dates. You’ll meet people who’ll appreciate having you in their lives.

For couples, the Queen of Wands might mean arriving at a comfortable emotional plateau. You know each other by now and you love each other despite your unique peculiarities, or maybe even for them! Nobody is rocking the boat, nobody wants out. Even your arguments, if any, have become an element of comfort. You know what you’ll say and you know how your partner will respond. Familiarity has become a friend, and you should enjoy this calm time.

The Queen of Wands also means that a couple has achieved a certain level of trust in the relationship. So, it’s okay if you go out with your friends to a bar – you know your partner trusts you, and you know you wouldn’t do anything to break their trust. You are comfortable when your partner goes on a business trip. You are not worried about such stuff. You are in a co-dependent relationship where you’re both equally independent, and also equally interested in being together. Kudos – this doesn’t happen all that often!

What does Queen of Wands reversed in Tarot mean?

Queen of Wands reversed points at insecurities, lack of trust in general, poor boundaries, and a dire need to develop a healthy sense of self-worth and a good self-image. You might find yourself in situations where you have to put your foot down and demand respect, yet you’re finding it very difficult to do so. It’s almost like you’re afraid to be assertive – you might be imagining that even more negative repercussions will come your way if you speak up and defend yourself.

But it’s all okay – just because you haven’t learned to stay calm and be assertive at the same time doesn’t mean you can’t learn it from here on. It’s a skill that can be practiced over time – and you can always start small. The first step is to learn to notice immediately when your boundaries are overstepped, even just very little. If you can pinpoint that exact moment and respond accordingly, people wouldn’t go further. The problem begins to snowball when you don’t respond and the boundary invasion continues. And then you get too emotionally worked up to respond in a strong way.

Astrological association

All wand cards in the Minor Arcana are associated with the fire element, which is associated with the signs of Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius. Because the Queen of Wands gets things done so smoothly and is so comfortable in her queendom, the card indicates “fixed” energy – therefore, it is most associated with Leo – the fixed fire energy that is territorial, strong, and fun-loving at the same time.

The Queen is a Court card. In Tarot’s Minor Arcana, Court cards are: Pages, Knights, Queens, and Kings. There are four of each, e.g. Queen of Wands, Queen of Swords, Queen of Pentacles, and Queen of Cups. Court carts tend to represent our innermost qualities, or a very important person in our life – depending on where the card appears in your reading. Your psychic Tarot reader would know which instantly.

If the card indicates a Leo in your life, notice if the card is upright or reversed. If it’s upright, this Leo – most likely a she – is a powerful figure, yet she doesn’t violate your boundaries. If her strength intimidates you, or makes you uncomfortable, note that this has more to do with you than her. Try to find your own healthy power.

If the card is reversed, this Leo person might actually be violating your space and disrespecting you in other ways as well. They might belittle your personality and self-expression, only because they themselves are uncomfortable with who they are. The best way to deal with them is to find your own Queen of Wands energy and feel comfortable in your own skin, regardless of what happened in your past, including failures and all other things that went wrong.

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