The Five Of Pentacles: Tarot Card Meaning & Interpretation

Written By Advisor Rebecca Avoni

Two people sit in the snow, cold, improvised, and hungry. This is the imagery of the five of coins or the five of pentacles. Though no card in the tarot is truly negative, the Five of Coins Tarot card is about as close as it comes. The basic message, which applies to all questions, is that you are focusing on what you do not have, rather than what you have. You feel deprived, poor, and un-nourished. This card more often than not, indicates a bad omen or a major financial blow that has recently or is about to take place. While exercising caution with your finances is a great step forward, it is important to know that this event will change and is a temporary event in your life.

The Five Of Pentacles Upright Card Meaning

This tarot card is a negative one and when it appears upright during an online tarot reading, it indicates heavy financial loss and poverty. The theme revolves around loss of property, material possessions, job, and savings. It basically shows a recent event in your life that has impacted your financial situation. While this card may deal a heavy blow, it is a Minor Arcana card, meaning that this situation in life that you’re going through is temporary, and there will be light at the end of the tunnel.

Raw, Hurtful, & Sad Emotions

Furthermore, the five of pentacles unravel your real emotions, such as feeling anxious, alone, in despair, and sad. It’s obvious that this would be one’s state of mind after dealing with financial loss. It also indicates that if you are waiting to be saved by another entity or 3rd party- it won’t happen unless you find the courage to ask for help. This is a major lesson in putting your ego aside and knowing that it’s OK to ask for support in this time of need. People do care, and want to help you, it’s all about letting your guard down and letting them in.

The Five Of Pentacles Reversed Card Meaning

Should the five of coins or five of pentacles appear reversed on your tarot spread, the meaning is a little more positive. This reversed tarot card signifies an end to the turmoil and difficult patch that you’ve been through. It’s a card that shows the light at the end of the tunnel, and that light is nearer than you think. New avenues of income may appear for you; either someone is stepping in and offering financial support or a new job is on the horizon. Mentally and emotionally, you feel a huge relief and that life all of a sudden, has new meaning.

Your State Of Mind

Spiritually, the five of pentacles highlights your deep state of being with lack of spiritual confidence and growth being the main feelings involved. The feeling of something empty or out of place persists, and like a jigsaw puzzle, you cannot put your finger on it. In essence, an awakening may occur, and this is a crucial one; you will feel that material things do not amount to the importance of having a healthy state of mind and well-being.

The Five Of Pentacles Love Meaning

In love matters, this card tells you that maybe the situation you are in is not the best for you. If you inquire into issues of commitment, this card tells you that even if a commitment comes, it will be hollow and not meet your expectations. When asking if someone feels deeply for you, this card says the answer is most likely "no." And if you are seeking advice on finding new love, the Five of Coins tells you to stop looking outside of yourself for love. Love will come when you turn inward and love the people who are already in your life. Romance will find you: be patient.

The Five Of Pentacles Financial Meaning

In money issues, this card is a major caution! The Five of Coins says "Whoa! Slow down! You are on very shaky ground!" Save, don't spend. If you are looking into employment prospects this card says that you have a fairly significant wait. And you should tighten your belt because you will be going through a period of hardship and every penny saved counts! Business owners also may find themselves struggling but it’s crucial to not let this unfortunate wave impact or trigger any ill-feelings or your mental health as a whole.


Though it is not always a pleasant card, the Five of Coins or the Five of Pentacles does encourage us to appreciate what we have, and be thankful for our daily blessings. While you may be going through financial turmoil or difficulty at work, know that this too shall pass and there’s greener pastures that lie ahead. To get more details and a top-rated tarot reading, be sure to reach out to Kasamba’s tarot readers for an in-depth analysis.